Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Learning the elements of style...

Learning the elements of style...

I have to work on being a better artist, one who brings the world to life. When I began to write I felt too much description slowed down the book. lately I found good descriptions adds to the book by bringing the world around the characters out, helping the reader to visualize the settings and making the world real…
Know before you laugh and say to yourself, of course that’s what it’s all about... let me expound on my meaning. Even though I’m sure you already knew this and much more.

Before I would write:
Jake walked to the amulet in the middle of the room, when suddenly a chill ran down his back like someone just blow gently on the back of his neck. He turned around quickly expecting to see someone but found the dark room to be empty.

Now I would write:
Jake walked slowly towards the gold amulet, setting on a wooden desk in the middle of the dark cold room. The old floor boards creaked under his feet with every step he took. Making it to the amulet he reached out a hand, when an ice cold chill ran down the back of his neck. He turned around in fear expecting to see someone standing there, but found it was only his imagination.

Now I just threw these two examples out there, I didn’t take too much time on them. I just wanted to give an idea of what I was talking about. Even though describing actions is slower to the point. I feel it helps the reader connect to the environment or world their in.

How do you know when too much description is well… too much?
And would you agree that describing the actions of the character to be a better way of writing than just getting to the point?
What advice can you give to a beginning author that you would feel is important to know?

Thx for your time and I hope I just didn’t make a fool out of myself by talking about something that anyone already knew.
Thx again…

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What's your Fav Christmas story?

What's your Fav Christmas story?

Plz share what your favorite Christmas story/myth/book/play or anything around that topic...


Mine is the Little Drummer Boy

Sunday, December 20, 2009

submitting your writing

I would love to hear some of your stories, about submitting your writing to agents or publishers...

Whatever you’re willing to share, will help a lot.

like how many times you submitted and if you don't mind how many rejections you got back, what was the feedback, how long did the whole process take, who you sent to, why did you give up on submitting, why did you move onto the next story and leave the one you started submitting with?

Thx for any response you might leave... you don't have to answer my specific questions, feel free to answer anyway you wish.

Thx again.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pictures or Illustrations...

Pictures or Illustrations in your book...

Will you have any picture or illustrations in your book?

Why or why not?

I think I do but I am worried that it forces my visions on the reader. Rather than let the reader imagine it for themselves.
Not a lot of illustrations, but at key points in the story, like a reward for the reader.

The Illustration has to be done very well, so vivid and realistic it adds to the book rather than detract from it...

Thx for your time and for any response you might leave. All responses help me grow as a writer and as a person.
Thx again.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Killing off a character.

Killing off a character.

Have you ever planned on killing off a character. And found that when it came time to do it, the char had become a huge part of the story and not to mention you fell in love with that character...

So what did you do?

On a side note, do you always make your protagonist the same gender as you?

And would you read a story from a male author about a female protagonist?

Thx for your time and any response you might leave…

Friday, December 11, 2009

What do you look for in a book?

What do you as a reader look for in a book?

I like Fantasy/adventure books

There must be a journey, and must have a villain. I prefer the coming of age type of story. A group of kids finding their way through life, facing countless life threatening situations... (Sorry started to rant)

Must be written well/ flow nicely.

Must have mysteries mixed with treachery and loads of unforeseen turns...

What does your story have to have in it?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Self Publishing.

Have you ever thought about self publishing? (I know Steph you don’t think about publishing, so humor me…)
I just met an author who tried to get published but met rejection after rejection. He felt his book we good enough so he went the self publishing route.

After the second book, in the series of 4, He had sold enough books to catch the eye of a big name publisher and signed a four book deal worth a lot of $$$.

I wish I had written his name down and the book not to mention the publisher. Next time I talk to him, I will. When I get closer to being ready he said he would be more than willing to help where he can...

Long story short, have you ever thought about going the self publishing route? If so what stopped you, and if you did would you recommend it to others. (I thought I would never go the self publishing route, but after talking with him I am having second thoughts. I know it take a lot more investment of money and time, but might be worth it.)

Thx for reading and any response you might leave.

Monday, December 7, 2009

What will you do...

What will you do, or have done, if you get published by a true publisher that pays you not you pay them?

What will be your celebration, or what was your celebration.

Will you read your first copy, or just put in your book case with pride?

How many copies are you going to buy/or did buy?

Thx for your time and any responce you might leave...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What does my story mean?

What does my story mean?
This question has bothered me. The story comes to me as I write. I have really no influence over it, except on the re-rite of course. But the first draft I have zero control over. I have a hard time finding what my story really means or should mean.

Every good story has a meaning behind it. Even though I fill my story is compelling and fulfilling. I struggle to see the greater picture.

All I can see is a struggle to become an adult in a violent world. Friends that would die by my main chars side if it came to it. A passion for life that drives him, no forces him to kill, and kill and kill. Is that good enough?

So I guess my main question is...
Does your story always have a greater meaning behind it, and do you always know it while writing? Or is it something you discover after it is done?

One more question if you'll bear with me...

Have you ever almost completed a story/novel and lose the love for it. Like the wind of love for the story does not blow your sails anymore, resulting in just bagging the whole thing and moving onto something else. I used to be able to write with passion and vigor, writing every second I could.
Now I force every page out and fill disconnected from my whole reason I began writing in the first place.

Thx for reading...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


How many character perspectives do you normally write from? (So far just man char)

How do you separate Thoughts, with quotes or the use of italics or in some other way? (Quotes so far, with he/she though after it)
I have read not to use italics when sending your MS to agents/publishers. If you want to emphasize something it should be underlined, but does not clarify on how thoughts should be written... any advice will help thx

Have you ever had issues you hate in books, trying to force their way into your story, like love Drama, fake friends or liars, or characters that commit the same mistakes over and over again. I have these issues cropping up all the time, and since I hate to read books with those problems I try and not let it happen. But no matter what I do my characters seem to push me in this direction.

So here is the question.
Should I let the story take course in the manner it so chooses, as I have done so far, even though I hate those issues.

Or should I force my views on the story to fit my way of liking?
Any thought or past experience will help.

Thx for reading and any response you might leave…

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Robert Jordan Wheel of Time Series...

I just started reading the, Robert Jordan Wheel of Time Series.

The beginning is a little confusing, but the first book was well worth the read. So good in fact I am going to get all 11, to bad the last book will have to be written by a dif person since Jordan is dead…

What series or book would you recommend to a beginning reader of books? (I used to hate Books, but thankfuly that changed)Preferably fantasy, sword and sorcery, medieval fantasy, epic or high fantasy or book similar to that genre… thx

On a side note I have already started to read Terry Brooks High druid series, and probably continue with all of his books. Also Terry Goodkind did not work for me. I thought his books were horribly written.

Any thoughts… thx for your time.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Working for a living sucks...

Man I hate working for a living...

It sucks to come home from a 12 hr day, and try to write your night away. As you all know, once you get into the grove time slips away so rapidly I tend to believe in time travel.

I can only dream one day I can make my career in writing. then 8 hrs of writing will drift away so fast that it will not be work. And that is all I really need to fill successful. Doing what I love when I want to do it.
What is better than that?

I know you all feel my pain in one way or another, plz share your exp...

On a side note, when did you know you wanted to be a writer? Or how did you set your mind to becoming an author and setting you mind to never giving up and always striving to be a writer no matter what happens or who said you couldn't or shouldn't be one...

Thx for any thoughts you share...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What if ?

What would you do, if you could sell your book but have no say in the cover design? (I must have a say or I won’t get published)

Let’s go a step further and say you did sell the book. But hate the cover with all you heart, and the only way out was to cancel your agreement. Would you let it be published with the cover you hated or Bag the deal? (Answer above. the cover means everything, a bad cover to me = bad sales)

What if you could sell your book but the main Characters names would have to be changed to names you hated. Would you let it go to get published or bag the deal? (I am married to my main 3 chars names, I must have them or I will just forget it)

What if they asked you to change the main idea or theme of your book to get published? Would you go ahead and do it, or bag the deal? (If it makes my story stronger and I see the bigger picture, sure I’ll do it. But yet again if I don’t agree… just forget it…

Just a few thought that floated into my head, during my all night writing session.

Thx for your time...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where do you write?

Where do you write? At a desk, coffee shop, on your porch, in bed?

(I write at my computer desk, located in the corner of my living room. Wish I had a study to isolate myself from any interruptions, maybe someday.)

Do you find it better to write in that same location every time you try and write?

(I have no input here, since I have not tried to write any other place.)

Are you a writer that writes no matter what, or just when you’re feeling the story or passion of said story?

(I know i have asked this question before so bare with me. I have to write when i am inspired to, or it is garbage.)

Do you listen to music or drink the same thing or do anything every time you write, to help your mind get into the writing zone?

(I listen to the harry potter audio book series, and try to block out distracting noises that comes from having 2 kids. I have listened to them so many times that actually hearing what is being said is not a concern. It is more for focusing my mind and going to that writing place we all know and love.)

Thx for any input. Of course my answers are in ( )

Friday, November 6, 2009

to much to drink...

Ok i have had to much to drink tonight....

i just wanted to ask if you became a best seller and could make writing a career. where would you live?

who would you take with you if money was not an object?

would you want to be active in the filming of your book. like chars and story content? or just sell the right not caring what they did?


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stephen King "On Writing"

Wow this book is great. I just finished listening to this audio book. It has filled me up with inspiration. His writing process is a mirror image of mine. It has bolstered my confidence to learn a legend like S,K has the same process as I do.

If you ever want to hear his take on writing and the craft, I advise getting it. It has made a world of dif for me.

I haven’t read/listened to a book of S,K except this one. It has a slow start filled with his back ground. But it is interesting just the same. I am like on cloud 9, this answered all my questions from pace, plot, scene, dialogue basically the whole nine yards of writing. I recommend the audio version, just go to the library and get it. He is the narrator of the book and you feel a close connection to him and what he is trying to teach. Just awesome!

Thx for reading.

Do you have any books that have helped you become a better writer and answer question to advance your craft. thx

Monday, October 26, 2009

What kind of writer are you?

What kind of writer are you?

Are you a Planer/Organizer Do you plan out your book, do you make character and scene cards? Do you outline chapters and Blur before writing? Is a schedule of tasks the first thing you compile before beginning to write?


Are you an intuitive writer? Where planning and organizing hinders the witting process. Are you a mess of a writer, where you start in one scene and jump around in and out of chapters like it makes sense? Do you just write and worry about editing later. Do you write without a plan or idea of where you’re heading. Does the story takes shape as you write it?

I am an intuitive writer. If I try and plan anything it ends up being a waste of time. Because the book turns and follows a path I can’t control the story takes shape as I write and leads me down the road of discovery. Where I meet new characters and new plot twist as I go.

Thx for reading and for any response you might leave….

Friday, October 23, 2009

I am having an issue with setting the "HOOK"

I am having an issue with setting the "HOOK"

Do you set the hook in the first chapter? And does the Hook match the Climax and the resolution?

The only reason I ask is because I am working on my book proposal and query letter. And it has made me really think about the hook, and if i really set it early enough...

Sounds like I should set the hook quick and then do back story, from what I have read.

I guess this boils down to me not knowing exactly how a book is typically arranged, but I am getting there.

thx for your time...

Friday, October 16, 2009

just waiting...

I have just given out 4 copies of my first 16 chapters to friends and co-workers to read. I hope to get back info that helps me notice the mistakes I have made so I don’t make them in the second half of the book that i committed in the first half...

Why is it so hard to judge your own work? i can't figure it out, no matter how many times i try and do it i fail to read what is on the paper instead i progress in my head and skip mistakes that i should catch...i guess that is my answer. Please feel free to add to it.

Have you ever found that the book you're working on is a lost cause? How have you come by this conclusion? And did you just move on and start a new story?

thx for your time...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Loving my story...

The closer I get to finishing my first book of the set of 3. I feel so good about where the story is, and where I am as an author.

I cannot describe it. But if you have felt this yourself about a piece of your work, then you know how I feel.

The story line is crisp in my mind, it flows and builds tension it asks questions and makes you care about the characters it leave you wanting more...

Thx to my daughter for editing my Grammar, since i have no clue what is proper or just plain a mess. But putting a good story together has become second nature.

I have about 10 chapters edited for Grammar, and about 15 out of 26 chapters rough drafted. And the rest of the book in an outline forum, I just need to find the time to complete it. Then all I have to do is POLISH, POLISH and POLISH...........

You know how it goes, but now I can't wait to get there it is wonderful. and I feel great about what is a head of me... letting go the pressures I put on myself has freed my mind and allowed me to grow as a writer...

And steph i underestimated the work I had in front of me. But I will get to your stories ASAP... thx for your support, it means a lot to me.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Writing for the love...

Writing for the love of it. I have found just writing for the love and the feeling of gratification has more of an impact on my story and for me as an author...

I know many of you already know this. But over time my ideals about writing became skewed and I have put undue pressure on my writing. Like the dreams of being published and living up to other peoples expectation with comparisons to renowned authors of the past.

Not any more ladies and gents, I will no longer live under this delusion and refuse to allow myself to think this way any long. From this point onwards I will write for the love of it. And not worry about any other outside force.

My writing will be a direct reflection of me and no one else. I will be honest to what I want and what I want to say. I will take as long as I need to finish my book on my time. I will take gratification on my achievement and relish the act of writing. I will never make it work, lately writing has become work and boring... not anymore I will write when I want to and enjoy every aspect of it.

Thx for listening...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When you write ?

(My answers will be in parentheses)
When you write do you try and write in the same genre? Or do you pursue any story in your mind and don't care if it fits into a genre? (Any story in my head)

How much time in a day or week do you devote to writing? (10 hrs a week if I am lucky)

What are you going to do if you get published, start writing another book or dedicate every second to advertising your book, like doing signing and talking engagements? Plus will you spend extra money {your own money} to marketing your book. (Spend every second I have to promotion and every penny on marketing)

And if you could choose what publishing house do you hope takes your book? (Random House)

Will you submit to an agent instead of publishing houses first, or both? (I will submit to agents first, hopefully get accepted by Writers House and the agent would be Jodi Reamer she is the agent I hope to land more than any other)

Friday, September 25, 2009

If you could chose...

If you could chose one person to read your book, who would it be and why?

anyone dead or alive, famous or not.

I would chose J.K Rowling, because she is the reason i started to read books, and most of the reason i started to write{which is the best thing that has happened to me besides my family of course} I love how she builds characters, she has a few mistakes in her work as far as tiny flaws in the story like details from book to book. but i still love them, and the way she was a first time author that made it.

It would be a dream come true if she would read over my work and pick it apart, giving me those little details that takes a book from nothing to something...

If i had a close relative that had passed away, maybe i would have chosen them. but thank the lord the are all still kick-en...

thx for your time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If writing did not involve....

if writing did not involve editing i would actually enjoy it.

the writing a story taking yourself down a magical journey, is probably the best experience in my life. and on the other side editing that same story is probably the worst thing i have done in my life.

I think i am going to pay someone to do it for me, i hate it with every fiber of my being. it is like going to the dentist without pain killers.

i love to polish my work, i love to craft it into a solid piece of work. but it's the nuts and bolts editing that sucks. grammar, syntax all around proper book structure and format.

does anyone feel my pain? or do you actually like to do that kind of editing?

thx for your time...

Friday, September 11, 2009

going to try and write this weekend...

I have plans to get back to writing on Saturday night starting around midnight...

i used to do 10 hrs for several Saturdays when i started writing, but my time i have dedicated to my book has faded dramatically. I have only myself to blame, and only myself to look at to fix the problem...

My mother in law just sent me back my first review of my first 14 chapters, and she loved it and kept asking for more. She read the original chapter that i had done, and it was her that told me to start over and gave me a few pointers about fixing the problem i was having. Needless to say if i can please her i have hope, so i am going back to the grind stone in hopes to get back to writing. Instead of lamenting that fact the story is not where i wanted it to be....

thx steph once again you have helped more than you know... and Sunday i will begin to write up the responses to your stories... thx

Carrie and Shakespeare you two have inspired me onwards with your post both on mine and your blogs... thx

Saddle up.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

not writng of any kind...

i have been to busy with work to really do anything, sure i have been able to respond to a few post for a few wonderful people but that was about it...

i was on a roll with my story, but all that excitement has dwindled and reality set in. i only hope i find the time accompanied with peace and quiet to get back there.

Steph i am going through your stories, ill get back to you in about 2 weeks with a response. sorry thought i could have done it by now... but it will get done i promos.

one quick question.
when you read a book do you want to be uplifted with a good story of love and accomplishment? {when the book is completed of course}
or is pain and misery fraught with disappointment more your style?

and do you like when close characters turn on the main char and make the book more depressing?
or do you love it when characters never fail the main character, where they would sooner die than betray their Friend?

i guess that one question spawned many related questions....

thx for reading.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bringing home the bacon…

Bringing home the bacon to find I have no pan, I finally wrote a chapter that made me feel like I got my grove back. But once I read it I reanalyzed I didn’t have a pan to fry it up in…

I got the bacon now I need to write the pan, I think half of the chapters I have written are brilliant, the other half is basically going in the trash.

This is more a rant that anything else, and since Steph has become my only true reader, since Shakespeare has become so busy.
I know she will tell me something to make me feel better about it, like always.

I know my post have become more about my failures than my successes, but I feel growth happens more from falling down and picking yourself back up again. It does helps to hear advice from others or to hear author’s story about their struggles from writing.

I just hope once I do have the bacon and the pan I have a fire to cook it on….
Thx for reading

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chapter by chapter

man i have found that one good idea later on in the story changes every thing you have written previously. and constitutes another re-write {witch sucks}

so my question is how do you incorporate a good idea or plot twist into your story with out having to re-write 30,000 words to make it flow...

i guess i will know once i feel i don't have to change a thing, but every time i finish a rough draft and try my hand at polishing it, i find that i re-write almost the whole story and must again start the whole polishing idea over again...

right now i am starting a new book that is the first book of three. my first book i had written is now the middle of the second book and the ending of the third book. the story decided that i need to expand on the idea to get the whole concept out in proper understanding of the story i was trying to tell...

i guess what i am rambling about is how do you structure your story so this does not happen? and what steps can be taken to help make changes fit better in the writing process...

thx for your time, i hope it makes sense what i am trying to ask.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I need an idea

I need an idea on what kind of obstacle my little group of friends has to overcome before they face many creatures in the fight to the death to recover a magical item for their emperor.

Failure is not an option, in other words failure equals death… I want the obstacle to be anything other than a physical hand to hand fight, because the last obstacle is a big fight and I want them to grow a brotherhood/ trust to one another by overcome the obstacles on the way there…

I thought about an ice capped mountain, or maybe a long desert… or even both. Maybe crossing the sea on a boat they had to construct.

Give your thoughts or even your own set of obstacle that you would want to read about of find intriguing.

Thx for your time…

Thursday, August 20, 2009

this site is a must see for writers...

A. Victoria Mixon, Editor

she covers so much and is such great detail i could read it for hours and still come back for more... thx steph i found her through your advice and your link to P&E, she cover so much more than just edits. she cover every area to writing to help us craft our work to highlight our skills and limit our weak points..

just check out her Categories, i found them very informative...

maybe i am wrong but it is a must in my opinion

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I need an evil name...

I need an evil name…

Plz leave your ideas.
Character is a massive Black man, standing 7ft tall. His eyes do not have any whites to them, they are solid black. His body is cover from head to toe in aboriginal tattoos.

He has magical abilities, everything about him exudes evilness.
Barbarious Charmos: is the name I have for him and cannot look past it. It just does not seem like a main antagonist characters name to me.

What do you think?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Power of Print

Power of Print: it is easy to get frustrated by writing, and sometime I feel like I am going backwards… and thx to a few good people I have meet in other blogs, they have let my see the flaw in my plan. That focusing of getting published or making yourself fit into a goal/writing plan when your writing your first book is… in so many words “stupid” “counter productive”

I would like to thank those 3 people that let me see that writing is about fun and enjoyment, fulfilling a dream and a sense of pleasure bringing something to life from nothing…

My ideals had been skewed by my own blind ambitions, I must see that if I do finish this novel it might not ever be worth a penny, but the growth I had gained from it is PRICELESS…

Thx. Shakespeare: your little rays of sunshine allows me to see things a little clearer… and every other statement below applies to you as well.

Thx.. Stephanie B. your insight helps me feel better about the writing struggle, and feel good that learning though the struggling process is what really matters.

Thx… Carrie Sund: you might not know this, but your persistence helps me see that I need to do more. Your attitude brings me peace, and allows me to think our goals are possible if we never give up….

Thx is all I can say, I hope to repay the favor somehow….

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice, this is what I have to overcome to get better at writing. I think my work is good one week the absolute garbage the next, I think fantasy can’t coexist with drama. Yet that is where I am heading, drama, fantasy, action, horror all mixed into one….

That is not right? Or is it? That is a huge problem to overcome. Not knowing what you are writing is worthwhile or what you decided to skip is better in the story that the scenes you decided to put in…

Not to mention over all set up and closer being smooth and brilliant at the same time with a lot of plot twist and charter surprises along the way…. These are things I find the answer to and two weeks later find that the answer I thought I had needs revision. And the story I thought I wanted to tell becomes blurred and twisted from my original idea. Yet nothing I do gives me hope, that the direction I am going in is the right one.

If anyone can give some insight on how they find peace in their writing. I would love to hear it, and if some day I find the silver lining to make it all fit I will share that…

Thx for reading, and sharing if you do.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

who belongs to a authors/writers group?

who belongs to a authors/writers group?

was it worth it? did you grow as a writer?

would you join one via the Internet?

i have thought about starting one, just not sure if it is worth the risk or hassle... i have met some great people on the web i think i could trust and learn from, so i was just wondering if anyone has some experience with it? or even would like to join it if i do start it...

i find it hard to have reg people read my writing, they are expecting a finished product... like most authors we want someone to read or story as we are writing it, and tell us if they like it, so we know what to fix or leave or even add to the manuscript... having good writers read your story helps allot, and criticism is always welcome. lets face it Friends and family tend to tell ya what you want to hear, and that is not what i want to hear nor what i am looking for. if i wanted to fluff my ego i would look in the mirror...
when it comes to my writing i want the cold hard truth so i can hopefully fix it.

i want to hear it is good or crap or just scrap it.... or even holy crap that's good from someone i know would not lie to me or have a reason to lie...

thx for reading...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why the change to the Half Blood Prince meant so much

Why the change to the ending scene in the Half Blood Prince meant much more that the movie produces realized, if they did they would not have destroyed it and ruined the most valuable part/scene in the movie…

First off every movie/book made us connect with harry and his close guarded beliefs, even his worst enemy Voldemort knew he cannot sit by and watch people suffer/die for him… it is proven in number 1 {soccer’s stone} that he would never ideally stand by while anything or anyone threatened his way of life of friends… he would rather die than not try and stop Professor Quirrell getting the stone…

In number 2 {Chamber of secrets} he demonstrated this behavior and proved he would give his life to help a friend in need. Like when he entered the chamber and fought the memory of Tom Riddle AkA lord Voldemort, he was not to afraid to act when faced with a 60ft long massive killing machine know as the Basilisk

And in number 3 {Prisoner of Azkaban} he proved himself even Further by showing his love for his friends and his bravery to help the no matter the cost… he was not afraid to travel into the unknown to rescue and set Serious Black free, his undying love and self sacrifice for his friends is and always will be Harry’s number one attribute and is what makes him the hero that we love. This uncommon trait is why we love him and sets him apart from the normal man…

In number 4 {Goblet of Fire} he did not let us down, when he had to ensure that all 4 people that was taken to the bottom of the lake. In the second challenge was rescued, No matter the cost to him, he would do what EVER needed to be done to ensure his friend and an absolute strangers safety… also later in the story he warned Cedric about the spider that was about to get him. Instead of wanting glory and fame he warned and helped a competitor. He could have let the spider get Cedric and claim the prize of the Tri wizard tournament all by himself. BUT yet again harry showed the caring and loving side of himself, that he would never ideally sit by and watch anyone get hurt if he could help it… And in the end of the movie/book he showed how brave he was to face Voldemort in the grave yard, he was under the impression he was about to die. Since he knew there was no way he could defeat Voldemort… he stood up to him and proven WITH OUT A DOUT he was not afraid to die. Well at least not to afraid to act anyway…

Number 5 {Order of the Phoenix} yet again he showed his overwhelming nature to help no matter the cost to himself, nor would he let fear or shock stand in his way to help anyone… his whole life Harry has shown the one true behavior more than any other… that he would never sit by and do nothing when someone needs help…. He was willing to do whatever he had to do to help/rescue Serious Blacks, even if that meant walking into countless death-eaters or even meeting Voldemort face to face…
That brings me to the scene in the movie the Half Blood Prince, where he just sat and watched Dumbledore die and do nothing to help him… no matter what the personal cost to Harry he would have came to the aid of his idle his hero Albus Dumbledore… This fact is proven in the previous movies/books and this attribute to willingly sacrifice himself and come to the aid of others no matter the cost to himself, is what makes Harry… Harry.

this single and most amazing attitude of Harry’s stands out above any other… I could list many more scenes to prove this fact, so that is why I hate the change in the movie and now you know why it bugs me so bad and ruined the movie beyond repair for me…

Plz share your thought… all is welcome here even if you disagree with me {though I can’t see how} maybe I will talk about further proof from number 7 {Deathly Hallows} later to further show Harry’s uncommon attribute and proof he would never have let Dumbledore die if he could have done something to help him….

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: why I hated the ending of the movie

There are several bad changes to the ending of this movie, but the most blatant and horrendous change was this….

At the end when harry and Dumbledore appeared back atop of the tower, right before malfoy comes up the stairs to face Dumbledore. Dumbledore should have frozen harry underneath the cloak with the full body bind curse, instead he just told harry to wait below and do nothing……

Like harry would have ever I mean ever! Just sat there and did nothing no matter what he promised to do. This change makes him look like a puss and a coward, this made me get up and walk out of the film… it really pissed me off, later that night I went back to watch it again and see the full ending.

I was further disappointed by the ending, where after killing Dumbledore the death eaters just walk right out of the Castle!!! with no conflict or obstacles to overcome, like the DA or Order was not on watch… this does not make any sense to me, None at all… this book was my fav out of all the books, and I was looking forward to this movie more than any of them so far. I read this book 5 times and loved it, the movie makers ruined this movie for me.

The movie the Order of the Phoenix was butchered as well, it brought out the worst parts of the book. And focused on the negative things, I was hoping before H.B.P came out that they would not destroy this book either… and to my horror they did.
All they had to do was make the ending close to the book as possible and it would have been awesome, and I would have loved it… but for some ungodly reason they demolished it….

I’ll list just a few other things that bugged me, but the 2 reasons stated above is what ruined it beyond forgiveness for me…

1: did not discuss harry taking over ownership of Grimmauld Place. {could have been done easily and not have taken up any more screen time, not to mention it is important to #7}
2: the burrow getting blow up and started on fire….Why would they do that, it was suppose to be protected and not to mention it was head quarters
3: no funeral!!!

These are just a few reasons that pissed me off, what are you reasons? What scenes would you have like seen added or not changed…

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

been down this road....

I have been down this road so much, i see me foot prints forming paths coming and going in both directions now...

if you have kept up with my journey, you know it has consisted of rewrite after rewrite. and change after change and disappointment after disappointment...

i think it would be more productive just to start completely over from scratch and rewrite the whole story, rather than try and make it all fit seamlessly now...

it is just a daunting idea to start back and ground zero when i have an 79 thousand word manuscript setting in front of me.... my growth as a story tell is much more advanced than when i first started, and most of the beginning chapters have to be heavily edited to match...

so my real question is this... have you ever just through something out and started from scratch, did you regret it, was it worth it? would you do it again?

thx for any advice. you voice gives me strangth....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

pain and suffering

Pain and suffering:

writing for me has brought a sense of acomplishment mixed with failure. it is hard to explain, you think you have done/written a good manuscript to find it lacks alot of important details to make it flow/work. so you try and fix it to find the story you wanted to tell is all wrong and the whole thing must be changed once again.

i just want to give up, but no matter how hard i try to quit i find myself sitting infront of my comp in a few days, writting like a madman. hopefuly one of these days when i finish my book i will sit back and ejoy what i have done and feel satified that it is the best i could do and it is what i always wanted to acomplish....

thx for all the people who have helped me...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Writing is a curse

Writing is a curse, it pulls you in so you can find peace in your work. it never is good enough, life has no time for writing. It's hard to explain, life seems to revolve around the quest to finish a project but when searching for perfection, you move backwards more often than forwards.

the closer i get to my goal, the farther i get from what i desire. making a compelling book with no boring parts and a story you want to never end. my skills do not fit my ideals, my passion over runs my schedules or plan. i can't except failure but yet failure is what i have done. half way through my book i felt on top of the world and all doors were opening up for me. 95% done and i feel cut off and alone and insecure of what i have made/written. every word seems froth with hesitation, second guessing every plot twist or resolution. wondering if i have written enough and yet need to do more.

the best thing i could compare it to is climbing a tall mountain. you train and set goals prepare for the challenge, half way up you feel good and you dreams seem in reach. once you almost reach the top you just want to get it over and get back down, i hope i feel the happiness and excitement of standing on top of that mountain. maybe then i will think it was all worth it.
thx for reading....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

summer is here, no time

man summer has put a hold on writ ting, to much yard work and activities outside with family...

Glad winter is over but it allowed me allot of time inside to get allot of writ ting done..

life is busy and writing has taken a back seat, how do you find time to separate yourself, and get some alone time to write any suggestions will help thx...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Leave me your link...

leave me a link to your sites/blogs if you would like me to visit it...

i would like to thank everyone who left feed back on my blog, your insight and words of advice has helped me a great deal..

thx everyone, and thx for helping out.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pulled another all night writting session...

I have been writing all day/night, i am starting to get allot out of my journey. it is extremely hard and very frustrating but yet it's addicting and exhilarating at the same time. i am starting to see my characters come to life right before my eyes... showing emotions, humor, pride and unique characteristics.

i had the story all the time and the idea of where i wanted to go, but Finlay the life of my book is coming out, and it is intense, full of wonder and intrigue.

i can see how a figment of my imagination can dictate my story, and led me to a place i did not expect to go. it's hard to explain... i find myself laughing at a character that i am writing like we are having a conversation, the char has its own set of ideas and prospects for the evolution of the story...

it sounds like i am crazy, i know it does... but the book is moving along much better and i do not consciously decide what to write for each character. it's like they tell me what to write... i read my story and am amazed i could have written it.
it's as experience that i could not have predicted, nor one i would believe to be possible... and no i do not use drugs lol

i could go on and on but, for the 2 or maybe 3 people that might read this i will stop... and save my rambles for a later time. as you can tell this is a life changing moment, where character evolution and theoretic life meet in a downward spiral of imagination mixed with reality making life jump off the page and sore to unexpected levels of comprehension... bringing author and characters together on a wonderful journey..thx for reading.

if you would like to talk in greater detail about anything related to publishing/writing plz come to my forums and join in..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Growth and Reevaluation

I have written my book over 4 times now, every time I finish I read the beginning and see the flaws in my writing skill and use of syntax. And I am forced to rewrite it, making adjustments and improvements throughout the manuscript.
At this rate I am not sure I will ever finish my book to my satisfaction, I wanted to send my work off to an agent or publisher this year, but I feel that timeline might not be attainable or desirable. Maybe I should put those thoughts out of my head and just write the best book possible until I fell there is not any improvements that I can do.

I have to say when I started to write I felt my work was good and put together well, my hopes were high and my dreams even higher. Rewriting is hard and almost impossible not to do….

It’s like remodeling a room in your house, once you redo a room it makes your other rooms left in the house outdated and need of improvement to match your remodel… by the time you finish all the rooms in the house. The first one you started to remodel looks out dated and you start the whole thing over again……. All I can hope for is one of these times I get done and there is no room that looks out of place and I can sit in peace and enjoy what I have done…. No matter if it sells or not my accomplishment will be complete and SLEEP WILL FEEL SO GOOD!
Thx for reading..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lesson Learned !!

It was a close call, my comp got a virus this past week and made windows non responsive. i did every thing i could do or find to do to make it work or recover my work from my comp...

Thx to a very smart and resourceful friend; i was able to recover my Book, off of my comp with Norton ghost imaging software, where you can recover items/folders from the hard drive of a nonresponding comp...

the lesson i learned was to back up my work more often like Evey 2 days or maybe after a good writing session.

i might have gave up if i lost my work and had to start from scratch...
thankfully i do not have to find out what i would have done....

make sure you back up your work ladies and gents.. thx for reading

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

slow and steady

slow and steady has been my writing schedule for the past week, life is busy and witting has become harder to get to.

I wish i had 8 hrs in a day to write, maybe then i could finish my book.
it takes my about 1 hr of writing to get into the grove, once i get into the zone it's hard to stop.

if i only have 1 hr to dedicate to witting i normally don't do it, mostly because i have to rewrite it once i do have time to get into the grove and write without thinking or forcing it...

time is my enemy and production my cures, the desire to finish conflicts with my desire to write to the best of my ability. there in-lies the problem, my conclusion is to take as much time that is needed to write the book i have dreamed about regardless of my original production schedule.

A long ramble made short... my book on my time.
thx for reading

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why not try and start your own book..

What reason do you have to not start writing your book. what every genre it is.
fiction, nonfiction, biography, auto biography, short story or just an article.

if you just spend the time to write, i promise you will grow in more ways than i can explain.
who knows you might be the next success story, if you are any thing like me {or like i was} writing a story/book is the farthest thing on your mind. i used to be a movie person, i would watch t.v or movies in my spare time trying to delay the inevitable. that work was right around the corner and it was the same old thing day after day after day after day......
my book might never get published and i might never achieve any thing than the sense of accomplishment that writing gives you. if you just start a whole world of thought opens up to you and life appears differently, in a way i can only hope you discover for yourself. if i give just one person the desire to at least try and start their book i will feel much better about what this blog stand for.
in a way i could not have guessed it has helped me a lot to talk to myself/or those whom have read this.
So get in front of your comp and start. it might take some time and alot of re witting but one day it all will click and the love for what you can create through your own thoughts will drive you foreword from that day onward.... and let me tell you it is a beautiful thing!
thx for reading

Monday, May 4, 2009

10.000 words to go, rough draft almost complete

well i never thought i would get this close to completing my novel, i found it easier to write than i previously thought. but who knows if it is any good, writing 87.000 words is hard, but not nearly as hard making the story and dialogue flow, keeping readers interest and having a satisfying conclusion...

i am no expert; so all i could do was write a book i would buy, and once i read the book. i would reflect back on the book and be glad i spent my time to read it, not to mention recommend it to friends.

the closer i get to finishing i find reasons to not work on it, most likely because i know once i do. i have to try and get it published, and see if my effort have been a waist. and my dreams proven to be just that.... DREAMS

thx for reading, come and join my discussion about the publishing/writing world...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

B.o.E Combat Airsoft Night Operations April 25th 2009

a little of topic, but a must see. i am a member of B.O.E and this is what we do..

Air soft games, fought at night. great fire fight with tracer rounds, check it out..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

10 hr writing session, the battle begins chapter 20

Well I am about to start my normal all niter writing session, that i try and do every sat night starting around 10:00 pm.

tonight i will be writing the battle of the renowned human soldiers {knight,berserkers,Samaria,Greek hopilites, long bowmen} and many other soldiers brought together by the emperor {name left out} to fighting against the vicious and blood thirsty army from the magical realm {vampires, werewolf s, dwarfs, elf's,minotaur, magical humans/wizards} and many more specialized magical creatures.

they will face off in battle, blood will be spilt and fame will be had for the victor.
it will take place just outside the magical realm homeland{name with held}in the year 1355 BC. this battle will decide the main chars outcome/fate where he and his crew of trust worthy loyal friends will fight to free there families that were captured by the magical realm...

wish i could reveal more, or give more detail and names. but of course it is to risky.
i am leading up to the climax of the story soon to follow will be the twisting and turning path of the resolution,the main char must go down to discover his whole life as been a lie and the love of his life was behind it all...

come share at my authors forum..

Friday, May 1, 2009

what book Genre do you like most ?

The Genre I like most to read is Science Fiction / Horror / Fantasy / Supernatural

these type of books inspire me to write. once i start a book i start off fast but fade in the middle. due to the fact i have to write a story of my own, once i hit a wall or writers block i start to read again.

the list of book i have read fully are limited, but the inspiration i got from them is unmeasurable. i love how author's have their own voice or form of writing, it is amazing how simple words placed in the same sentence but phrased by a separate person can be interpreted completely differently.

i feel the type of books we enjoy reflect on our personality and dreams/desires and foretells allot about an individual..

so plz share..thx

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What would you like to see/read..

would would you like to see. the next post is up to you..

what subject or theory or abstract thought would you like to discuss?

It's up to you...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Dream, My Book.. the story of my beginning

I had a dream about my book several nights spanning over several months, I never thought about writing anything not to mention an 84000 words plus novel. Nor did I think I could or have the desire to.
But after having so many dreams in detail I could not ignore it any longer, so I sat myself in front of my comp. and started to write I had no clue where to start. I just started with the main char name, it was amazing. The story just seemed to flow so easily it was like I was finding out the story as I typed it.
I had no real plot, flow clinch, scene structure when I started, as a matter of fact I could not even tell you the definition of those things before I started.
45 pages 3 days later I knew it was for real, the story must be told. So I started to research on the internet looking for people like myself that either could join in this journey with me, or advise me on the way there.

On my journey I found allot of info that help me structure my story and put into a book format, or at least close to one. But I have not found a good place normal people can talk and help each other’s achieve their goals, goals that might change our lives forever either monetarily or just mentally or both.
I guess what I am trying to say is just do it. I have no real understanding of grammar or syntax nor am i a master in the English word. But I promise you will grow if you just try, it is better than just watching TV waiting for the work day to come...
So if you have anything to add plz do so I would love to hear about it, who knows I might help in some way…
I am only 20000 words away from my goal of 88000 word novel, It has taken me 3 months so far and i am hoping to be ready for final editing in 3 months...
thx for reading get started on your book, and lets hear about it...

Are you writing a book of any kind?

If so i would like to hear about it..

i have spent 10 hrs writing and want to do 10 more but can't keep my eyes open..

if you have any thoughts on writting plz share.. and if you like talking about anything about the publishing world plz join my Forums>>>

thx again.. for reading

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What book or books have inspired you?

What book or books have inspired you?
you do not have to be a writer to have a book inspire you, it could have made a difference in your life some way. or maybe lead you to do something different in your life that you normally might not have done...

the book that inspired me was the lord of the rings series and the harry potter series, it was more the author and his/her way of telling the story that first graped my attention, then it was their life story on how they got from normal person to a successful author... this made me want to stop watching t.v so much and get off my but and do something.. so i started to write my novel, the first day i started to write i pumped out 20 pages before i had a clue that 5 hours had passed. that was the day i knew i had what it took to write 300+ pages and the journey began. and now i am looking for anyone involved in the publishing world.

i want to here your story. leave a link to your website if you have a book tell us or maybe it is still a dream either way i want to hear all about it... thx

if you find this blog interesting plz go here.

If you find this blog interesting plz go here. this is a forum i have started to talk about the publishing dream in more detail, so if you have any desire to talk about any part of the publishing world plz join me in the discussion.... your input is highly valued... thx

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thx for the reply

what can i say except for thanks to all who have read my posts, and a big thx to the ones that have left a reply. your insight/input is greatly appreciated, your time and effort did not go unnoticed. thx again.

any other thoughts would help alot.... thx

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Never thought

i never thought i would ever write any thing, not to mention try and write a novel..
i am not writing to make money{ of course if i could make a living at writing it would be a dream come true} i mostly have a over whelming thought about my book and must tell it.

i can't stop thinking about my story or plot.. some characters come to life why other i have to force out.. i feel my story has ever thing a book needs to succeed. the closer i get to the end of the journey of writing my novel the more i feel insecure about it.. i tend to rewire and rethink every thing i have done up to this point... the hardest part is i am a very secure man and have never felt insecure about anything.. the heart and sole i put into my book makes my feel more venerable than i have ever felt...

thx for letting me vent. in a weird way it has made me feel better... i started this blog to try and find a real person to give me advice on what they have done to succeed in the publishing world...
i did not think i would find solace in my own words.... thx again

Book cover..

well i did not mean to post twice today, but i just got back my quote on the artist making my book cover.. it is a full wrap and it will cost me around $ 3k he is well know cover artist, he did the cover for the lord of the ring series not to mention hundreds of other....

have you ever did a cover design even before you sent it to an publisher or agent?

i think it will help sell my book better an publisher if i show the investment of the book cover, some have said publisher do not like the cover to be done before hand.. some have told me they like to take most of the control for the design in house..

is this true? what has been your exp in this matter.. or do you have any thoughts about it even if you have never been in this predicament.. thx
Hi all i have done some reserch into an editor, it will cost me around $ 2.500 to get a pro to edit my work {84.000 words} i have sent several sample edits out and feel i found the best match to my style.
my question is have you ever used an editor ? what was your cost? and were you happy with the results?
if you have used one who would you recommend to use? and did using an editor help you get published, or make you feel better about your work?

thx for any input..

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hi all

well after finishing my rough draft i discovered i need to do a complete rewrite, how many time have you done a rewrite?
when do you fill your story is good enough to send to an editor? when you and your Friends like it, or would you give your book to a stranger for a critic?

I feel my cliche in every chapter are good and plot and flow work nice together, and the climax is riveting. but every time i read my work I find many things i could make better but every time i change more than i should...
When do you know good is good enough?
thx for any input.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I just started to write a fantasy novel, i have about 57000 words so far and feel i am doing ok. my plot needs some help and my dialog is not on par with what i feel a published book should be.

does anyone have a good agent or editor they would recommend?
and would anyone recommend self publishing?

not to mention Book presentation such as synopsis, query letter and so on.
So if anyone has good tips on how to make a good Book proposal plz share
thx again...