Friday, December 11, 2009

What do you look for in a book?

What do you as a reader look for in a book?

I like Fantasy/adventure books

There must be a journey, and must have a villain. I prefer the coming of age type of story. A group of kids finding their way through life, facing countless life threatening situations... (Sorry started to rant)

Must be written well/ flow nicely.

Must have mysteries mixed with treachery and loads of unforeseen turns...

What does your story have to have in it?


  1. You might consider Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising series. I've just discovered it, and I'm on book 4 of 5 books (and I catch myself reading it instead of working on my novel--yikes!).

    I like mysterious elements mixed in with real-world stuff. I like the idea that something is beyond our perception, but real despite our lack of understanding. Perhaps that is why I find religion so fascinating. I see it as a world humankind only partially grasps, yet they hold onto its most superficial elements, ignoring the great truth that lies just beyond their perception.

    I also love quests, adventure, growth, vulnerability.

    Vulnerability may be, for me, the biggest draw. I love to see people weakened, kidnapped, knocked out, sick, at the end of their ropes, made helpless so that they have to reach out to others for aid. I dislike heroes who never falter, people who are never really tested, who never grow or change. Stephanie's last book had Xander, a character I particularly liked because of his complexity--he was strong, but highly sensitive, and he had to discover his own vulnerabilities to grow. Very cool. Makes me want to go back and read him again.

  2. Good characters that grow. Good characters mean they're interesting and identifiable, don't violate my line between good guys and bad guys but have flaws, and, if possible, are funny.

    Everything else for me, including story, plot, history, technology, magic, originality, are secondary. Nice and I like 'em, but without good characters, not worth it. If I have really good characters but nothing else, I can usually stand the book, but it might not be a favorite.

  3. I like a book that has action in it. I tend to read books with vamps, werewolves and witches but I have read other books I enjoy. Usually these books guarantee the action. I don't want to be bored because I often read to escape for a few hours.

  4. I know an author online who had her books published, only they're not the same genre. It's Christian books for tweens. She has great info about publishing and stuff if you want to take a look.

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