Wednesday, July 29, 2009

who belongs to a authors/writers group?

who belongs to a authors/writers group?

was it worth it? did you grow as a writer?

would you join one via the Internet?

i have thought about starting one, just not sure if it is worth the risk or hassle... i have met some great people on the web i think i could trust and learn from, so i was just wondering if anyone has some experience with it? or even would like to join it if i do start it...

i find it hard to have reg people read my writing, they are expecting a finished product... like most authors we want someone to read or story as we are writing it, and tell us if they like it, so we know what to fix or leave or even add to the manuscript... having good writers read your story helps allot, and criticism is always welcome. lets face it Friends and family tend to tell ya what you want to hear, and that is not what i want to hear nor what i am looking for. if i wanted to fluff my ego i would look in the mirror...
when it comes to my writing i want the cold hard truth so i can hopefully fix it.

i want to hear it is good or crap or just scrap it.... or even holy crap that's good from someone i know would not lie to me or have a reason to lie...

thx for reading...


  1. flit and I have a writer's forum, but it doesn't get much use.

    I've done better, not with groups, but with finding other amateur writers I respect and asking for their feedback. They usually are honest, know how to express the things they don't like, and non-petty.

  2. I think a writer's group might work better over e-mail. I was part of the flit group, but the forum wasn't highly easy to use... and I think I need to select readers based on the piece. I have a face-to-face group for my playwriting, but it's hard to get to the meetings sometimes... yet they couldn't be readers for my novels... no way... that isn't what they do. At the same time, they are terrific for my plays, because they all write plays too.

    I don't at this time have a way of sharing long pieces of my novels. I actually owe a few readings to other people, too, and I'm not getting those done like I should. I'm too busy prepping for class right now.

    I hope to MAKE time for writing every single day this coming school year--so if you start a writing group, especially one through e-mail, and you want to swap novels (with a reading deadline), I'm in.

  3. Sweet thx... i want 2 to 3 people. So reading each other’s work is manageable. I’ll keep you posted, i have a lot of time if you ever need someone to read something for you, i suck at editing but i find flaws in plots or find small but important story changes.

    And i am good at just giving an opinion on total story development and flow. Or character development.

  4. I was part of one for a short time, it was a group that met at a coffee shop. It was nice but there were too many people and they wanted you to read each persons work while you were there. I found I was not enjoying the drive there and 3+ hours of reading and feedback.

    It would have worked better for me if one the group was smaller or we divided into smaller groups. And second if we could have read the work at least one day in advance. I loved the feedback. I may go back after I start my creative writing class. I still get emails and it looks like they are trying to change their format.