Saturday, August 22, 2009

I need an idea

I need an idea on what kind of obstacle my little group of friends has to overcome before they face many creatures in the fight to the death to recover a magical item for their emperor.

Failure is not an option, in other words failure equals death… I want the obstacle to be anything other than a physical hand to hand fight, because the last obstacle is a big fight and I want them to grow a brotherhood/ trust to one another by overcome the obstacles on the way there…

I thought about an ice capped mountain, or maybe a long desert… or even both. Maybe crossing the sea on a boat they had to construct.

Give your thoughts or even your own set of obstacle that you would want to read about of find intriguing.

Thx for your time…


  1. I like puzzles and frequently put them in my own work - outsmarting rather than outfighting an adversary.

    One thing that can really work for an ensemble cast (which most of my novels are) is a goal where the path to it is unclear. Then, one can use the strengths of the whole team: someone with know-how on the land, someone with a good sense of history to figure out what relics mean, someone with magical insight, someone to defend the thinkers, etc.

    I like to let everyone in an ensemble cast have their moments to shine.

    For example, I have an ensemble cast with my most recently completed novel, basically stranded on a foreign planet. Some are good at construction, so they design a shelter and a way to get there in a place prone to flooding. Some are good with horticulture or leatherworking or metal making or... The idea is that everyone's strengths get to make themselves known and I do it while they work together.

  2. i see your point, that helps alot.

    gives me an idea... thx