Sunday, September 6, 2009

not writng of any kind...

i have been to busy with work to really do anything, sure i have been able to respond to a few post for a few wonderful people but that was about it...

i was on a roll with my story, but all that excitement has dwindled and reality set in. i only hope i find the time accompanied with peace and quiet to get back there.

Steph i am going through your stories, ill get back to you in about 2 weeks with a response. sorry thought i could have done it by now... but it will get done i promos.

one quick question.
when you read a book do you want to be uplifted with a good story of love and accomplishment? {when the book is completed of course}
or is pain and misery fraught with disappointment more your style?

and do you like when close characters turn on the main char and make the book more depressing?
or do you love it when characters never fail the main character, where they would sooner die than betray their Friend?

i guess that one question spawned many related questions....

thx for reading.


  1. I like characters I like (and honesty is a common theme in characters I like), so I guess I prefer the second kind of character. However, it would really depend on WHY they are turning on the main character. I'm OK with betrayal if it makes sense, if the reasons are compelling. I had a friend who had me read the Elric seres by Michael Moorcock. I hated it. Elric was a cool looking character with oodles of potential, but he was a jerk who'd make people trust them and then betray them. Um, not what I'm looking for.

    I have read books that ended tragically, but it is not my preference. I don't mind bad things happening along the way and recognize that sometimes a dose of tragedy is a good thing, but, on the whole, I like to feel satisfied at the end of a book - and that means my characters aren't irrevocably lost.

  2. I like tragedy if it's meaningful. And I love loss, vulnerability, angst. I just don't like it when someone's so turned inside themselves that they stop functioning. Not interesting.