Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pulled another all night writting session...

I have been writing all day/night, i am starting to get allot out of my journey. it is extremely hard and very frustrating but yet it's addicting and exhilarating at the same time. i am starting to see my characters come to life right before my eyes... showing emotions, humor, pride and unique characteristics.

i had the story all the time and the idea of where i wanted to go, but Finlay the life of my book is coming out, and it is intense, full of wonder and intrigue.

i can see how a figment of my imagination can dictate my story, and led me to a place i did not expect to go. it's hard to explain... i find myself laughing at a character that i am writing like we are having a conversation, the char has its own set of ideas and prospects for the evolution of the story...

it sounds like i am crazy, i know it does... but the book is moving along much better and i do not consciously decide what to write for each character. it's like they tell me what to write... i read my story and am amazed i could have written it.
it's as experience that i could not have predicted, nor one i would believe to be possible... and no i do not use drugs lol

i could go on and on but, for the 2 or maybe 3 people that might read this i will stop... and save my rambles for a later time. as you can tell this is a life changing moment, where character evolution and theoretic life meet in a downward spiral of imagination mixed with reality making life jump off the page and sore to unexpected levels of comprehension... bringing author and characters together on a wonderful journey..thx for reading.

if you would like to talk in greater detail about anything related to publishing/writing plz come to my forums and join in..


  1. That is when writing is it's most exciting: when the characters are directing the story and you can't wait to write to find out what happens next.

    Keep on going.