Sunday, May 31, 2009

Leave me your link...

leave me a link to your sites/blogs if you would like me to visit it...

i would like to thank everyone who left feed back on my blog, your insight and words of advice has helped me a great deal..

thx everyone, and thx for helping out.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pulled another all night writting session...

I have been writing all day/night, i am starting to get allot out of my journey. it is extremely hard and very frustrating but yet it's addicting and exhilarating at the same time. i am starting to see my characters come to life right before my eyes... showing emotions, humor, pride and unique characteristics.

i had the story all the time and the idea of where i wanted to go, but Finlay the life of my book is coming out, and it is intense, full of wonder and intrigue.

i can see how a figment of my imagination can dictate my story, and led me to a place i did not expect to go. it's hard to explain... i find myself laughing at a character that i am writing like we are having a conversation, the char has its own set of ideas and prospects for the evolution of the story...

it sounds like i am crazy, i know it does... but the book is moving along much better and i do not consciously decide what to write for each character. it's like they tell me what to write... i read my story and am amazed i could have written it.
it's as experience that i could not have predicted, nor one i would believe to be possible... and no i do not use drugs lol

i could go on and on but, for the 2 or maybe 3 people that might read this i will stop... and save my rambles for a later time. as you can tell this is a life changing moment, where character evolution and theoretic life meet in a downward spiral of imagination mixed with reality making life jump off the page and sore to unexpected levels of comprehension... bringing author and characters together on a wonderful journey..thx for reading.

if you would like to talk in greater detail about anything related to publishing/writing plz come to my forums and join in..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Growth and Reevaluation

I have written my book over 4 times now, every time I finish I read the beginning and see the flaws in my writing skill and use of syntax. And I am forced to rewrite it, making adjustments and improvements throughout the manuscript.
At this rate I am not sure I will ever finish my book to my satisfaction, I wanted to send my work off to an agent or publisher this year, but I feel that timeline might not be attainable or desirable. Maybe I should put those thoughts out of my head and just write the best book possible until I fell there is not any improvements that I can do.

I have to say when I started to write I felt my work was good and put together well, my hopes were high and my dreams even higher. Rewriting is hard and almost impossible not to do….

It’s like remodeling a room in your house, once you redo a room it makes your other rooms left in the house outdated and need of improvement to match your remodel… by the time you finish all the rooms in the house. The first one you started to remodel looks out dated and you start the whole thing over again……. All I can hope for is one of these times I get done and there is no room that looks out of place and I can sit in peace and enjoy what I have done…. No matter if it sells or not my accomplishment will be complete and SLEEP WILL FEEL SO GOOD!
Thx for reading..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lesson Learned !!

It was a close call, my comp got a virus this past week and made windows non responsive. i did every thing i could do or find to do to make it work or recover my work from my comp...

Thx to a very smart and resourceful friend; i was able to recover my Book, off of my comp with Norton ghost imaging software, where you can recover items/folders from the hard drive of a nonresponding comp...

the lesson i learned was to back up my work more often like Evey 2 days or maybe after a good writing session.

i might have gave up if i lost my work and had to start from scratch...
thankfully i do not have to find out what i would have done....

make sure you back up your work ladies and gents.. thx for reading

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

slow and steady

slow and steady has been my writing schedule for the past week, life is busy and witting has become harder to get to.

I wish i had 8 hrs in a day to write, maybe then i could finish my book.
it takes my about 1 hr of writing to get into the grove, once i get into the zone it's hard to stop.

if i only have 1 hr to dedicate to witting i normally don't do it, mostly because i have to rewrite it once i do have time to get into the grove and write without thinking or forcing it...

time is my enemy and production my cures, the desire to finish conflicts with my desire to write to the best of my ability. there in-lies the problem, my conclusion is to take as much time that is needed to write the book i have dreamed about regardless of my original production schedule.

A long ramble made short... my book on my time.
thx for reading

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why not try and start your own book..

What reason do you have to not start writing your book. what every genre it is.
fiction, nonfiction, biography, auto biography, short story or just an article.

if you just spend the time to write, i promise you will grow in more ways than i can explain.
who knows you might be the next success story, if you are any thing like me {or like i was} writing a story/book is the farthest thing on your mind. i used to be a movie person, i would watch t.v or movies in my spare time trying to delay the inevitable. that work was right around the corner and it was the same old thing day after day after day after day......
my book might never get published and i might never achieve any thing than the sense of accomplishment that writing gives you. if you just start a whole world of thought opens up to you and life appears differently, in a way i can only hope you discover for yourself. if i give just one person the desire to at least try and start their book i will feel much better about what this blog stand for.
in a way i could not have guessed it has helped me a lot to talk to myself/or those whom have read this.
So get in front of your comp and start. it might take some time and alot of re witting but one day it all will click and the love for what you can create through your own thoughts will drive you foreword from that day onward.... and let me tell you it is a beautiful thing!
thx for reading

Monday, May 4, 2009

10.000 words to go, rough draft almost complete

well i never thought i would get this close to completing my novel, i found it easier to write than i previously thought. but who knows if it is any good, writing 87.000 words is hard, but not nearly as hard making the story and dialogue flow, keeping readers interest and having a satisfying conclusion...

i am no expert; so all i could do was write a book i would buy, and once i read the book. i would reflect back on the book and be glad i spent my time to read it, not to mention recommend it to friends.

the closer i get to finishing i find reasons to not work on it, most likely because i know once i do. i have to try and get it published, and see if my effort have been a waist. and my dreams proven to be just that.... DREAMS

thx for reading, come and join my discussion about the publishing/writing world...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

B.o.E Combat Airsoft Night Operations April 25th 2009

a little of topic, but a must see. i am a member of B.O.E and this is what we do..

Air soft games, fought at night. great fire fight with tracer rounds, check it out..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

10 hr writing session, the battle begins chapter 20

Well I am about to start my normal all niter writing session, that i try and do every sat night starting around 10:00 pm.

tonight i will be writing the battle of the renowned human soldiers {knight,berserkers,Samaria,Greek hopilites, long bowmen} and many other soldiers brought together by the emperor {name left out} to fighting against the vicious and blood thirsty army from the magical realm {vampires, werewolf s, dwarfs, elf's,minotaur, magical humans/wizards} and many more specialized magical creatures.

they will face off in battle, blood will be spilt and fame will be had for the victor.
it will take place just outside the magical realm homeland{name with held}in the year 1355 BC. this battle will decide the main chars outcome/fate where he and his crew of trust worthy loyal friends will fight to free there families that were captured by the magical realm...

wish i could reveal more, or give more detail and names. but of course it is to risky.
i am leading up to the climax of the story soon to follow will be the twisting and turning path of the resolution,the main char must go down to discover his whole life as been a lie and the love of his life was behind it all...

come share at my authors forum..

Friday, May 1, 2009

what book Genre do you like most ?

The Genre I like most to read is Science Fiction / Horror / Fantasy / Supernatural

these type of books inspire me to write. once i start a book i start off fast but fade in the middle. due to the fact i have to write a story of my own, once i hit a wall or writers block i start to read again.

the list of book i have read fully are limited, but the inspiration i got from them is unmeasurable. i love how author's have their own voice or form of writing, it is amazing how simple words placed in the same sentence but phrased by a separate person can be interpreted completely differently.

i feel the type of books we enjoy reflect on our personality and dreams/desires and foretells allot about an individual..

so plz share..thx