Sunday, October 4, 2009

Writing for the love...

Writing for the love of it. I have found just writing for the love and the feeling of gratification has more of an impact on my story and for me as an author...

I know many of you already know this. But over time my ideals about writing became skewed and I have put undue pressure on my writing. Like the dreams of being published and living up to other peoples expectation with comparisons to renowned authors of the past.

Not any more ladies and gents, I will no longer live under this delusion and refuse to allow myself to think this way any long. From this point onwards I will write for the love of it. And not worry about any other outside force.

My writing will be a direct reflection of me and no one else. I will be honest to what I want and what I want to say. I will take as long as I need to finish my book on my time. I will take gratification on my achievement and relish the act of writing. I will never make it work, lately writing has become work and boring... not anymore I will write when I want to and enjoy every aspect of it.

Thx for listening...


  1. In my opinion, all of the best writers wrote for this reason.

  2. Maybe that's the only way to do it! It certainly results in passion, honesty and there is a degree of freedom that will likely yield amazing results!

    Like with so many things, it is the difference between "have to" and "want to"...

    Cheers, Jill