Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If writing did not involve....

if writing did not involve editing i would actually enjoy it.

the writing a story taking yourself down a magical journey, is probably the best experience in my life. and on the other side editing that same story is probably the worst thing i have done in my life.

I think i am going to pay someone to do it for me, i hate it with every fiber of my being. it is like going to the dentist without pain killers.

i love to polish my work, i love to craft it into a solid piece of work. but it's the nuts and bolts editing that sucks. grammar, syntax all around proper book structure and format.

does anyone feel my pain? or do you actually like to do that kind of editing?

thx for your time...


  1. Honestly, I love that kind of thing... it's the polishing that makes something read well. (Maybe that's why I'm an English teacher). And nothing is harder for me to dredge through than a published book with a lot of errors.

    If you hate doing it, though, and I believe you when you say you do, you should definitely pay for someone to do it for you... but make sure you choose carefully!

  2. I'm too anal to let anyone else do it for me, though I don't mind someone finding stuff, errors I made. I never catch them all.

    I don't mind it too much. To me, the crafting of words to say exactly what I want and how I want it said is part of the joy.

    But editing can be a pain.

  3. first, i want to thank you for visiting me.

    Anyway, about your post, I feel the same thing with you. Its because I don't really consider myself good in syntax and grammar. As long as the point is there. But of course, making your own craft is great.

  4. I like the editing part. I am strange like that I even find myself editing the books I read. I sometimes don't know how a book got published with the mistakes in it. On that note I usually don't edit my poor blog posts very well because I am in a rush.