Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What would you like to see/read..

would would you like to see. the next post is up to you..

what subject or theory or abstract thought would you like to discuss?

It's up to you...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Dream, My Book.. the story of my beginning

I had a dream about my book several nights spanning over several months, I never thought about writing anything not to mention an 84000 words plus novel. Nor did I think I could or have the desire to.
But after having so many dreams in detail I could not ignore it any longer, so I sat myself in front of my comp. and started to write I had no clue where to start. I just started with the main char name, it was amazing. The story just seemed to flow so easily it was like I was finding out the story as I typed it.
I had no real plot, flow clinch, scene structure when I started, as a matter of fact I could not even tell you the definition of those things before I started.
45 pages 3 days later I knew it was for real, the story must be told. So I started to research on the internet looking for people like myself that either could join in this journey with me, or advise me on the way there.

On my journey I found allot of info that help me structure my story and put into a book format, or at least close to one. But I have not found a good place normal people can talk and help each other’s achieve their goals, goals that might change our lives forever either monetarily or just mentally or both.
I guess what I am trying to say is just do it. I have no real understanding of grammar or syntax nor am i a master in the English word. But I promise you will grow if you just try, it is better than just watching TV waiting for the work day to come...
So if you have anything to add plz do so I would love to hear about it, who knows I might help in some way…
I am only 20000 words away from my goal of 88000 word novel, It has taken me 3 months so far and i am hoping to be ready for final editing in 3 months...
thx for reading get started on your book, and lets hear about it...

Are you writing a book of any kind?

If so i would like to hear about it..

i have spent 10 hrs writing and want to do 10 more but can't keep my eyes open..

if you have any thoughts on writting plz share.. and if you like talking about anything about the publishing world plz join my Forums>>>

thx again.. for reading

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What book or books have inspired you?

What book or books have inspired you?
you do not have to be a writer to have a book inspire you, it could have made a difference in your life some way. or maybe lead you to do something different in your life that you normally might not have done...

the book that inspired me was the lord of the rings series and the harry potter series, it was more the author and his/her way of telling the story that first graped my attention, then it was their life story on how they got from normal person to a successful author... this made me want to stop watching t.v so much and get off my but and do something.. so i started to write my novel, the first day i started to write i pumped out 20 pages before i had a clue that 5 hours had passed. that was the day i knew i had what it took to write 300+ pages and the journey began. and now i am looking for anyone involved in the publishing world.

i want to here your story. leave a link to your website if you have a book tell us or maybe it is still a dream either way i want to hear all about it... thx

if you find this blog interesting plz go here.

If you find this blog interesting plz go here. this is a forum i have started to talk about the publishing dream in more detail, so if you have any desire to talk about any part of the publishing world plz join me in the discussion.... your input is highly valued... thx

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thx for the reply

what can i say except for thanks to all who have read my posts, and a big thx to the ones that have left a reply. your insight/input is greatly appreciated, your time and effort did not go unnoticed. thx again.

any other thoughts would help alot.... thx

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Never thought

i never thought i would ever write any thing, not to mention try and write a novel..
i am not writing to make money{ of course if i could make a living at writing it would be a dream come true} i mostly have a over whelming thought about my book and must tell it.

i can't stop thinking about my story or plot.. some characters come to life why other i have to force out.. i feel my story has ever thing a book needs to succeed. the closer i get to the end of the journey of writing my novel the more i feel insecure about it.. i tend to rewire and rethink every thing i have done up to this point... the hardest part is i am a very secure man and have never felt insecure about anything.. the heart and sole i put into my book makes my feel more venerable than i have ever felt...

thx for letting me vent. in a weird way it has made me feel better... i started this blog to try and find a real person to give me advice on what they have done to succeed in the publishing world...
i did not think i would find solace in my own words.... thx again

Book cover..

well i did not mean to post twice today, but i just got back my quote on the artist making my book cover.. it is a full wrap and it will cost me around $ 3k he is well know cover artist, he did the cover for the lord of the ring series not to mention hundreds of other....

have you ever did a cover design even before you sent it to an publisher or agent?

i think it will help sell my book better an publisher if i show the investment of the book cover, some have said publisher do not like the cover to be done before hand.. some have told me they like to take most of the control for the design in house..

is this true? what has been your exp in this matter.. or do you have any thoughts about it even if you have never been in this predicament.. thx
Hi all i have done some reserch into an editor, it will cost me around $ 2.500 to get a pro to edit my work {84.000 words} i have sent several sample edits out and feel i found the best match to my style.
my question is have you ever used an editor ? what was your cost? and were you happy with the results?
if you have used one who would you recommend to use? and did using an editor help you get published, or make you feel better about your work?

thx for any input..

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hi all

well after finishing my rough draft i discovered i need to do a complete rewrite, how many time have you done a rewrite?
when do you fill your story is good enough to send to an editor? when you and your Friends like it, or would you give your book to a stranger for a critic?

I feel my cliche in every chapter are good and plot and flow work nice together, and the climax is riveting. but every time i read my work I find many things i could make better but every time i change more than i should...
When do you know good is good enough?
thx for any input.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I just started to write a fantasy novel, i have about 57000 words so far and feel i am doing ok. my plot needs some help and my dialog is not on par with what i feel a published book should be.

does anyone have a good agent or editor they would recommend?
and would anyone recommend self publishing?

not to mention Book presentation such as synopsis, query letter and so on.
So if anyone has good tips on how to make a good Book proposal plz share
thx again...