Friday, August 14, 2009

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice, this is what I have to overcome to get better at writing. I think my work is good one week the absolute garbage the next, I think fantasy can’t coexist with drama. Yet that is where I am heading, drama, fantasy, action, horror all mixed into one….

That is not right? Or is it? That is a huge problem to overcome. Not knowing what you are writing is worthwhile or what you decided to skip is better in the story that the scenes you decided to put in…

Not to mention over all set up and closer being smooth and brilliant at the same time with a lot of plot twist and charter surprises along the way…. These are things I find the answer to and two weeks later find that the answer I thought I had needs revision. And the story I thought I wanted to tell becomes blurred and twisted from my original idea. Yet nothing I do gives me hope, that the direction I am going in is the right one.

If anyone can give some insight on how they find peace in their writing. I would love to hear it, and if some day I find the silver lining to make it all fit I will share that…

Thx for reading, and sharing if you do.


  1. Dude, you need to step back from it. Meditate a little. Call on the spirits for guidance, and send your piece off to people who will offer an honest opinion, but who won't judge you no matter what is wrong with the manuscript.

    Then work on something else. If it's stressing you out, you need another person's perspective.

    I'm willing, though I can't promise a super fast turn around (I have a few other people's manuscripts to read first, and two of my classes are beginning Monday). Send it to

  2. thx for the offer, once i get something worth sending you i will, with no expectations on time or any punches being pulled. A brutal honest opinion is what i need/desire...

    My daughter is almost through editing my first 14 chapters. in a few weeks I will send you them, and if you like what you have read or want to read more I’ll keep on sending you chapters.

    i have 28 out of 30 chapter finished, but it is a weak first draft that needs a lot of attention. i will not send you anything that is not edited to help with readability and help to just give a critic on work not grammar and syntax.. thx again