Sunday, June 2, 2013

I open my eyes and there is life....


This will be a quick post. I would like to thank you all for keeping up with me and my blog. A serious incident happened recently in my life that made me see I need to do the things I have put off---because we are not guaranteed a tomorrow. Soon I’ll have my new writing room and will be back full time, even though getting the new writing room gives me a heavy heart.

My daughter is off to collage today; we are moving her out of my house and into her new one….this is harder to deal with than I thought. I will miss her so much she brings me joy beyond comparison.

I will not put off writing again…I realize now nothing will ever get done if I don’t work on it today---because if we always put it off for tomorrow you set the precedence for the next day and you never do what you planned.

Laziness is the kiss-of-death for a writer…

Thx again for being here and supporting me, your time and comments are appreciated!!