Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why the change to the Half Blood Prince meant so much

Why the change to the ending scene in the Half Blood Prince meant much more that the movie produces realized, if they did they would not have destroyed it and ruined the most valuable part/scene in the movie…

First off every movie/book made us connect with harry and his close guarded beliefs, even his worst enemy Voldemort knew he cannot sit by and watch people suffer/die for him… it is proven in number 1 {soccer’s stone} that he would never ideally stand by while anything or anyone threatened his way of life of friends… he would rather die than not try and stop Professor Quirrell getting the stone…

In number 2 {Chamber of secrets} he demonstrated this behavior and proved he would give his life to help a friend in need. Like when he entered the chamber and fought the memory of Tom Riddle AkA lord Voldemort, he was not to afraid to act when faced with a 60ft long massive killing machine know as the Basilisk

And in number 3 {Prisoner of Azkaban} he proved himself even Further by showing his love for his friends and his bravery to help the no matter the cost… he was not afraid to travel into the unknown to rescue and set Serious Black free, his undying love and self sacrifice for his friends is and always will be Harry’s number one attribute and is what makes him the hero that we love. This uncommon trait is why we love him and sets him apart from the normal man…

In number 4 {Goblet of Fire} he did not let us down, when he had to ensure that all 4 people that was taken to the bottom of the lake. In the second challenge was rescued, No matter the cost to him, he would do what EVER needed to be done to ensure his friend and an absolute strangers safety… also later in the story he warned Cedric about the spider that was about to get him. Instead of wanting glory and fame he warned and helped a competitor. He could have let the spider get Cedric and claim the prize of the Tri wizard tournament all by himself. BUT yet again harry showed the caring and loving side of himself, that he would never ideally sit by and watch anyone get hurt if he could help it… And in the end of the movie/book he showed how brave he was to face Voldemort in the grave yard, he was under the impression he was about to die. Since he knew there was no way he could defeat Voldemort… he stood up to him and proven WITH OUT A DOUT he was not afraid to die. Well at least not to afraid to act anyway…

Number 5 {Order of the Phoenix} yet again he showed his overwhelming nature to help no matter the cost to himself, nor would he let fear or shock stand in his way to help anyone… his whole life Harry has shown the one true behavior more than any other… that he would never sit by and do nothing when someone needs help…. He was willing to do whatever he had to do to help/rescue Serious Blacks, even if that meant walking into countless death-eaters or even meeting Voldemort face to face…
That brings me to the scene in the movie the Half Blood Prince, where he just sat and watched Dumbledore die and do nothing to help him… no matter what the personal cost to Harry he would have came to the aid of his idle his hero Albus Dumbledore… This fact is proven in the previous movies/books and this attribute to willingly sacrifice himself and come to the aid of others no matter the cost to himself, is what makes Harry… Harry.

this single and most amazing attitude of Harry’s stands out above any other… I could list many more scenes to prove this fact, so that is why I hate the change in the movie and now you know why it bugs me so bad and ruined the movie beyond repair for me…

Plz share your thought… all is welcome here even if you disagree with me {though I can’t see how} maybe I will talk about further proof from number 7 {Deathly Hallows} later to further show Harry’s uncommon attribute and proof he would never have let Dumbledore die if he could have done something to help him….


  1. My sister and I had a similar discussion about Pride and Prejudice. It's amazing how people find different things they want in a book or a movie. When Shakespeare saw Pride and Prejudice, it left out what appealed most to her while the movie captured what I liked best about the book. Go figure.

  2. your insite is true, thx for stopping by..

  3. I suppose the director was trying to showcase his own brillance but failed miserably. I agree with you. The only way Harry would have stayed out of that fight is if he was paralized (like in the book). The two extra scenes (the diner and burning of the burrow) stupid additions. They would have done better to include the funeral or Harry's break up with Jenny.

  4. Amen brother/sister i could not agree more.. thx for your insite