Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: why I hated the ending of the movie

There are several bad changes to the ending of this movie, but the most blatant and horrendous change was this….

At the end when harry and Dumbledore appeared back atop of the tower, right before malfoy comes up the stairs to face Dumbledore. Dumbledore should have frozen harry underneath the cloak with the full body bind curse, instead he just told harry to wait below and do nothing……

Like harry would have ever I mean ever! Just sat there and did nothing no matter what he promised to do. This change makes him look like a puss and a coward, this made me get up and walk out of the film… it really pissed me off, later that night I went back to watch it again and see the full ending.

I was further disappointed by the ending, where after killing Dumbledore the death eaters just walk right out of the Castle!!! with no conflict or obstacles to overcome, like the DA or Order was not on watch… this does not make any sense to me, None at all… this book was my fav out of all the books, and I was looking forward to this movie more than any of them so far. I read this book 5 times and loved it, the movie makers ruined this movie for me.

The movie the Order of the Phoenix was butchered as well, it brought out the worst parts of the book. And focused on the negative things, I was hoping before H.B.P came out that they would not destroy this book either… and to my horror they did.
All they had to do was make the ending close to the book as possible and it would have been awesome, and I would have loved it… but for some ungodly reason they demolished it….

I’ll list just a few other things that bugged me, but the 2 reasons stated above is what ruined it beyond forgiveness for me…

1: did not discuss harry taking over ownership of Grimmauld Place. {could have been done easily and not have taken up any more screen time, not to mention it is important to #7}
2: the burrow getting blow up and started on fire….Why would they do that, it was suppose to be protected and not to mention it was head quarters
3: no funeral!!!

These are just a few reasons that pissed me off, what are you reasons? What scenes would you have like seen added or not changed…


  1. I see your point with all of these... I really do. I know why they didn't put Harry under the invisibility cloak, frozen. If he is frozen, he can't respond to what's going on--and his lack of emotional expression would turn off audiences (remember, LOTS of people who haven't read one word of the books go to see the film). Dumbledore would die, and Harry would look like stone. I found it disturbing enough that he didn't respond when Malfoy found him on the train--but I reminded myself that he couldn't move if he wanted to.

    I definitely would have preferred a funeral--I thought all of that was far too brief--but I didn't mind not having all the disorder of the fight at the end, if only because, on film, it would have distracted us more from Dumbledore's death. That was my main beef with #3--that the impact of some of the scarier stuff was lessened with all the kitchy attempts at humor.

    The burrow fire was odd... as were the seasons, for Christmas seemed to be more like fall, and it was freakishly snowing and arctic during fall term. I think the attack was there to show the danger they were in when not at Hogwarts... and to play up the stuff going on between Harry and Ginny. What didn't work is that after setting fire to the burrow, they just took off, even though they could easily have killed several people.

    And now back to the ending (since this seemed to bother you most). Remember, Harry was told by Dumbledore not to come out... and he'd learned to obey while they were on their journey. Honestly, I thought, after he was able to keep shoveling all the crap down Dumbledore's throat, that he could obey him in anything. When I read the book, I was in so much shock that Dumbledore had died that I likely would have just stared, too. I could imagine the same shock with Harry. I could certainly see why no one would be prepared to fight--Hogwarts was thought to be safe once you were inside...

    Don't assume I am arguing with you, though. I understand every point, and I think they are all valid. I tend to be highly forgiving of adaptations for many reasons... most of them because of my work in theatre. Novels simply convey events and ideas in a way that theatre can't.

    So glad you posted on this. The suspense has been killing me!

  2. I see you points to a degree...

    latter i will go into more detail about this scene and how it destroyed the thought or connection of harry that was built up through the other books...
    and was cut down with this scene... more to come

  3. I wish I could help on this topic, but I've neither read the book nor seen the movie. Harry Potter, I'm afraid (and I know I'm in the vast minority), doesn't do much for me.

  4. I will have to come back and read this after I see the movie. I have not read the Harry Potter series just watched the movies.

  5. thx carrie... let me know from the just movie watching perspective...