Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lesson Learned !!

It was a close call, my comp got a virus this past week and made windows non responsive. i did every thing i could do or find to do to make it work or recover my work from my comp...

Thx to a very smart and resourceful friend; i was able to recover my Book, off of my comp with Norton ghost imaging software, where you can recover items/folders from the hard drive of a nonresponding comp...

the lesson i learned was to back up my work more often like Evey 2 days or maybe after a good writing session.

i might have gave up if i lost my work and had to start from scratch...
thankfully i do not have to find out what i would have done....

make sure you back up your work ladies and gents.. thx for reading


  1. I find e-mailing my work helpful, too. Documents don't take up that much memory, so I can attach them without filling my mailbox up, and then store them in a folder. Then I know if something happens to my computer I'll still have them available.

    I don't back them up often enough, though. I'll need to keep your advice in mind!

  2. thx for the info it is very helpful