Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bringing home the bacon…

Bringing home the bacon to find I have no pan, I finally wrote a chapter that made me feel like I got my grove back. But once I read it I reanalyzed I didn’t have a pan to fry it up in…

I got the bacon now I need to write the pan, I think half of the chapters I have written are brilliant, the other half is basically going in the trash.

This is more a rant that anything else, and since Steph has become my only true reader, since Shakespeare has become so busy.
I know she will tell me something to make me feel better about it, like always.

I know my post have become more about my failures than my successes, but I feel growth happens more from falling down and picking yourself back up again. It does helps to hear advice from others or to hear author’s story about their struggles from writing.

I just hope once I do have the bacon and the pan I have a fire to cook it on….
Thx for reading


  1. When you're first getting started on writing (not time, but progress), what you're talking about happens all the time. My first novel I dabbled on for years (and it needs a big rewrite now). Ditto for my second one. My third one went faster, but I'd learned from the first two.

    I'm not saying the novel you're working on won't be a finished masterpiece one day. But, it might be less frustrating if you thought of it as a learning experience - allow yourself to rewrite and toss big segments, but ask yourself what you can do "next time" to do it better so you don't have to toss so much.

    The weaknesses of my first novel were greatly alleviated in the second before I got to the "grr, rewrite!" stage. But, other things I learned during that writing caused a lot of rewriting. On the third novel, things were much smoother and, in the end, I switched chapters around, removed segments that didn't really add to the unified whole, but didn't really have to trash it all.

    I think what you want to do with a novel changes over time - the longer it takes or the more epiphanous the realization of what you should be doing (late in the book), the more you'll have to adjust what came before.

    But, better to make the changes than to have a crappy book.

  2. thx i knew i could count on you...

    just hearing it put that way helps the medicine go down... if you know what i mean.

    thx again for your time and great responce.

  3. Per your request, stories can be found here

  4. Jeff sorry I keep don't come here often enough. You have been so supportive to me. I am learning that writing is a process while we work on short shorts, because we don't have time for a full length short story in a class. I find this type of writing hard he wants no more than 5 double spaced pages. Writers are always challenged, when I went to a writing workshop I took my piece as it was and found that the audience tended to like a lot of the stuff I was critical of.