Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where do you write?

Where do you write? At a desk, coffee shop, on your porch, in bed?

(I write at my computer desk, located in the corner of my living room. Wish I had a study to isolate myself from any interruptions, maybe someday.)

Do you find it better to write in that same location every time you try and write?

(I have no input here, since I have not tried to write any other place.)

Are you a writer that writes no matter what, or just when you’re feeling the story or passion of said story?

(I know i have asked this question before so bare with me. I have to write when i am inspired to, or it is garbage.)

Do you listen to music or drink the same thing or do anything every time you write, to help your mind get into the writing zone?

(I listen to the harry potter audio book series, and try to block out distracting noises that comes from having 2 kids. I have listened to them so many times that actually hearing what is being said is not a concern. It is more for focusing my mind and going to that writing place we all know and love.)

Thx for any input. Of course my answers are in ( )


  1. 1. Wherever I can. I use a desktop (in my bedroom/study) and a laptop (which I use everywhere) to do the bulk of my writing, but I've used writing pads if I don't have a computer handy.

    2. Doesn't matter.

    3. I write when I'm inspired or not at all.

    4. I don't like music when I'm writing (though it's fine if I'm doing engineering work), but children, TV, movies, general noise are a good thing because I work better partly distracted.

  2. Yay, I love these things!

    1. I have a study with a secretary I bought for the purpose, but I don't use it. Instead, I sit in my wingback recliner, and use my laptop (in my living room). Any chair will do, as long as I have a footrest so that I can kick my feet up.

    2. I pretty much write best in that one chair, though I sometimes write downstairs in the man cave, where I have other recliners. I prefer to be in my living room, though, and I can drown out the television there quite well (since it's always cartoons, if it's on at all).

    3. I write whenever I possibly can, but my schedule is pretty hectic, so I find I don't write nearly as much as I want to. I do run into dry spells, though, especially when I'm truly stressed--then writing does not come easy, and I often avoid it.

    4. I usually write in silence, but I also love classical or new age music when I write. Nothing with words, for that is far too distracting. The music also needs to "feel" like the piece I'm working on, or it can pull me out of the mood, and that is not a good thing. Tango music is great for the more passionate scenes (and I have several in the book I'm working on now, even though it is by no means a romance novel).