Saturday, May 2, 2009

10 hr writing session, the battle begins chapter 20

Well I am about to start my normal all niter writing session, that i try and do every sat night starting around 10:00 pm.

tonight i will be writing the battle of the renowned human soldiers {knight,berserkers,Samaria,Greek hopilites, long bowmen} and many other soldiers brought together by the emperor {name left out} to fighting against the vicious and blood thirsty army from the magical realm {vampires, werewolf s, dwarfs, elf's,minotaur, magical humans/wizards} and many more specialized magical creatures.

they will face off in battle, blood will be spilt and fame will be had for the victor.
it will take place just outside the magical realm homeland{name with held}in the year 1355 BC. this battle will decide the main chars outcome/fate where he and his crew of trust worthy loyal friends will fight to free there families that were captured by the magical realm...

wish i could reveal more, or give more detail and names. but of course it is to risky.
i am leading up to the climax of the story soon to follow will be the twisting and turning path of the resolution,the main char must go down to discover his whole life as been a lie and the love of his life was behind it all...

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