Monday, May 4, 2009

10.000 words to go, rough draft almost complete

well i never thought i would get this close to completing my novel, i found it easier to write than i previously thought. but who knows if it is any good, writing 87.000 words is hard, but not nearly as hard making the story and dialogue flow, keeping readers interest and having a satisfying conclusion...

i am no expert; so all i could do was write a book i would buy, and once i read the book. i would reflect back on the book and be glad i spent my time to read it, not to mention recommend it to friends.

the closer i get to finishing i find reasons to not work on it, most likely because i know once i do. i have to try and get it published, and see if my effort have been a waist. and my dreams proven to be just that.... DREAMS

thx for reading, come and join my discussion about the publishing/writing world...


  1. I can definitely relate to that ... I have an almost completed YA novel ... haven't worked on it in months even though I had an agent interested in seeing it

  2. thx for your post, it is gratifying to know someone has read my post and has the same thoughts/problems...