Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stephen King "On Writing"

Wow this book is great. I just finished listening to this audio book. It has filled me up with inspiration. His writing process is a mirror image of mine. It has bolstered my confidence to learn a legend like S,K has the same process as I do.

If you ever want to hear his take on writing and the craft, I advise getting it. It has made a world of dif for me.

I haven’t read/listened to a book of S,K except this one. It has a slow start filled with his back ground. But it is interesting just the same. I am like on cloud 9, this answered all my questions from pace, plot, scene, dialogue basically the whole nine yards of writing. I recommend the audio version, just go to the library and get it. He is the narrator of the book and you feel a close connection to him and what he is trying to teach. Just awesome!

Thx for reading.

Do you have any books that have helped you become a better writer and answer question to advance your craft. thx


  1. I used to like Stephen King a great deal, though I began to get bored with him or found each new work less compelling. He is an excellent writer for eliciting emotions and, in my opinion, a genius in protraying children, no small feat.

    Every book I love, have read and reread is part of my making my craft better as are many books that weren't so good. I've been inspired by movies, by mangas, by conversations. Everything is my inspiration. I'm glad you found the book so helpful for you.

  2. I recommend "Kitchen Privileges"... a memoir by Mary Higgins Clark...

    She is the reason I latched onto YA writing. She'd been asked by hundreds of aspiring authors what they should write. Her answer? "Look at your bookshelves." We should write what we like to read.

    So, that's what I do. I write plays (love the theatre) and I write YA novels. All it took was a glance at my bookshelf to see it was filled with classic and modern YA novels--that I really had very few adult novels at all, mainly because I didn't like them.

    Glad you found this so inspiring! Keep on writing!