Thursday, August 20, 2009

this site is a must see for writers...

A. Victoria Mixon, Editor

she covers so much and is such great detail i could read it for hours and still come back for more... thx steph i found her through your advice and your link to P&E, she cover so much more than just edits. she cover every area to writing to help us craft our work to highlight our skills and limit our weak points..

just check out her Categories, i found them very informative...

maybe i am wrong but it is a must in my opinion


  1. Thank you so much, Jeff! I'm so glad you're finding what you need.

    Writing is a hard and lonely task, and it seems so unfair for each new writer to have to re-invent the wheel when there are others out here who have already been chipping away at it for decades.

    Please feel free to ask under Future Topics for any particular subject to be covered. The craft of fiction goes in pretty much infinitely in all directions!


  2. thx for the responce... i just noticed sorry.