Sunday, August 21, 2011

Second Page

I am posting my second page, since a few of you asked to see it.

Same rules apply: be honest and let me have it.

1: would you turn the page?

Thx for all you do for me.

End of first page:
He’s here; time to put my plan into action.

......POST DELETED........

Thx for any comment you might leave!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Strike while the iron is hot!

A quick rewrite of my last post, using all your advice… if you haven’t read my previous post, plz do so before reading this one. Thx for all the feedback.

1: does the internal dialog act as a disconnect, rather than the intended use of a closer connection between reader and story?

2: Which rewrite is better, this one or the last?

3: Does the key point of (one-last-visit) hit home now, or does it still need help. I agree with the scar idea… I just don’t end my 250 words and the hook point if I try to add that part. If this still doesn’t work, I’ll have to rethink the whole page construction.

4: which one gives you the clearest image, and draws you in better?



Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another rewrite of my first page!

I rewrote this first page focusing on a few issues... well, more like faults really. plz give it a read and let me know what you think, especially those followers that have read my previous pages.

It will be interesting to see the response, because (at least for me) it’s a different writing style.

Plz be honest and straight forward… thx



Monday, August 8, 2011

Me in a Nutshell

I thought writing was simple: tell a good story, weave in some believable dialog and off you go… I wish.

I have leaned writing is beyond a simple task—it is far beyond a hobby (at least for me) the more you take it serious, the more you realize it’s a second job you don’t get paid for… unless you actually succeed in that job.

My blog commenter’s have helped more than I ever thought possible. Before I started this blog, it was my against the world... now I have you, and I'm amaze me with your insight. So I say thx for all you do for me--and I am sure for others.

If you want a solid blog follower, just click on the people who leave comments here, they are awesome followers and full of wonderful advice.

I know I can write, I know I can make it, I know without a doubt I have what it takes… I just didn’t realize how damn hard it was going to be. The only doubt I have now is: am I willing to do what it takes to see it through—am I willing to work this hard in the possibility it doesn’t happen.

I inevitably come to conclusion (as I am sure you all do) I have no choice but continue… it’s something I must do to complete myself.

So I’ll grow, rewrite a thousand times, and grow some more, in the (seemingly vain) attempt to write something I can be proud of.

Thx for listening, thx for being a sounding board, and most of all thx for making me a better writer.

I only post when I feel a need, I am sure most my post don’t mean a lot to others… but your advice is what gets me through to the next hurdle.

You know I have to ask a question right?

If you could exile one of your flaws, what would it be… what do you always do, even though you know better? (Either in regards to writing or not)

Mine would be: letting myself skip days at a time where I don’t write. Writing every day is the key to finding the end of the rainbow, but I neglect this far too often!!!

I was supposed to do a blog award post; sorry I’ll have to do it later… I am horrible when it comes to those.

Thx for any comment you might leave.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Writing advice


Take advice not criticism: the difference? Advice is given out of a desire to help, criticism is to tear down. Crave advice, ignore the other… life is too short and it suffocates your inner writer.

Always seek advice or direction from your superiors… in other words, ask advice from writers who are above your skill level. That way you’ll progress and see value in what you do. You wouldn’t ask directions from a lost person, would you?

Finish your first draft before tearing down your own work, and then seek outside advice. If possible do two drafts before receiving advice from other readers!

Nothing you write seems good enough, but you must learn when to move on!! This one is huge and is different for every writer. But there comes a time when you stifle your growth as a writer by staying with a story too long. If it works after 10 revisions… great, if not, it might be time to move on.

The biggest lesson for me was: just because I received a bad critic from a solid writer, doesn’t mean I have to start from scratch. It just means I need to focus on my deficiencies and build on what I do well as a writer.

It might take 7 to 10 focused rewrites to make a solid piece of work. I should be thankful I see growth after each one… if I don’t, it might be time to move on where the motivation is stronger with a fresh story.

Each time we revise, we cut out weak points in our work. I now see this as a success: rather than a failure like I had before.

If you take two things from this rant they should be: there is always something to learn and we as writers should see the positives in what we do!!!

Keep writing and keep believing!!!

What advice would you give?

Thx for any comment you might leave.