Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It’s a hard life...

Every day I learn the life of a struggling author is a hard one. It would be wonderful to know what your doing is good. It would be wonderful to know there is an audience for what you’re doing. It would be wonderful to know I have a future in writing.

The more I read about how to write, the more I get confused… i.e. plot, pace, tense, arcs and of course good true to life dialog.

I have come to the conclusion, to keep on keeping on. I am going to write the way I write regardless what the “experts” say. It has hurt my craft more than it has helped.

I was just wondering how you all, fight through the hard life as a writer?

What keeps you composing and editing and revising?

And what is the best piece of advice that has helped your writing?

Thx for any comment you might leave.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Thx for the help lately… The names offered and your thoughts on the names I submitted helped a TON.

I have well over 100k words to cut down to around 85k and make fit smoothly, if that is possible.

The biggest issue I am having is seeing what the big picture is, I have not really thought about it until now. That’s a real hard question to answer. I am trying to understand it better so I can bring it out in my second ‘full’ edit.

Have you ever read a book that you really didn’t know what the “theme” of the story was, yet you still loved it?

And when do you think the reader should really get what the “theme” is?

In the last chapter, or the moment the reader closes the book after completion and pounders about it?

Should the “theme” be foreseeable, and easily noticeable…

Or should it be sneaky and kind of subconsciously transmitted to the reader?


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I need a name!


I need a name of a magical secret society…

Blood and Bones

Earth and Blood

The Union of the Pyramid

The faceless

The founders

Blood and ashes

The flame work

Blood Covenant

The regime

Soul Takers


Any ideas--just throw them out there… thx

Sunday, June 20, 2010


My MC has come up with a brilliant idea to overcome a big obstacle… my question is this: when you’re reading a book would you prefer to be filled in on the idea before it is put into action, or would you like to find out as it happens?

Maybe I should just allude to the plan but not divulge all the details—so far I am torn between both ways. I think by holding back the essentials it adds tense to what’s about to come…

What do you think?

Thx for any comment you might leave...

Friday, June 18, 2010

How do you fight the writing woes?


Trying to tie up loose ends… and let me tell you—it is hard.

Does it ever get easy to edit your manuscript? Man I feel like I should start over. My last part of my book is solid--well at least I feel that way about it now—who knows how I will feel in 3 weeks.

Do you ever stop growing as a writer that when you go back your work seems adequate—I sure hope so?

I guess if it were easy everyone would have a book published, I guess I should be happy to see weak points in my writing.

This used to be a common theme of mine a while back, sorry for bringing it up again. But it helps to hear what you fine people have to say. Your comments have helped a great deal so far, thx.

I just don’t think I could manage to start over, or just scrape the work and start something fresh… I guess it’s just part of the game.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Give this a once over.

Please give it a read and tell me what ya think. Good, bad, poor or just plain horrible. Also does this make you want to read more? thx

Removed...........Thx for any comment, it truly helps...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Does this do anything for you?

Please give this a read and tell me if this works for you at all, does it come through, or is it lame.

Removed... thx for your comments