Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why not try and start your own book..

What reason do you have to not start writing your book. what every genre it is.
fiction, nonfiction, biography, auto biography, short story or just an article.

if you just spend the time to write, i promise you will grow in more ways than i can explain.
who knows you might be the next success story, if you are any thing like me {or like i was} writing a story/book is the farthest thing on your mind. i used to be a movie person, i would watch t.v or movies in my spare time trying to delay the inevitable. that work was right around the corner and it was the same old thing day after day after day after day......
my book might never get published and i might never achieve any thing than the sense of accomplishment that writing gives you. if you just start a whole world of thought opens up to you and life appears differently, in a way i can only hope you discover for yourself. if i give just one person the desire to at least try and start their book i will feel much better about what this blog stand for.
in a way i could not have guessed it has helped me a lot to talk to myself/or those whom have read this.
So get in front of your comp and start. it might take some time and alot of re witting but one day it all will click and the love for what you can create through your own thoughts will drive you foreword from that day onward.... and let me tell you it is a beautiful thing!
thx for reading


  1. You're right... and even if it is never published (so far none of mine have been), it's worth it. I have grown so much with each project.

    And knowing you can work so long on one thing can give you new self-respect.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. thx for posting, i appreciate it very much...