Sunday, April 19, 2009

Never thought

i never thought i would ever write any thing, not to mention try and write a novel..
i am not writing to make money{ of course if i could make a living at writing it would be a dream come true} i mostly have a over whelming thought about my book and must tell it.

i can't stop thinking about my story or plot.. some characters come to life why other i have to force out.. i feel my story has ever thing a book needs to succeed. the closer i get to the end of the journey of writing my novel the more i feel insecure about it.. i tend to rewire and rethink every thing i have done up to this point... the hardest part is i am a very secure man and have never felt insecure about anything.. the heart and sole i put into my book makes my feel more venerable than i have ever felt...

thx for letting me vent. in a weird way it has made me feel better... i started this blog to try and find a real person to give me advice on what they have done to succeed in the publishing world...
i did not think i would find solace in my own words.... thx again


  1. I think I know how you feel. For years I didn't think to write down all the ideas I had in my head. Rewriting is quite painful, but I find that the story takes on a life of its own after a while

  2. thx for your input, i realy hate rewiting it is harder than anything i have done so far..