Saturday, January 29, 2011

Glad you stopped by...

How is everyone? Good I hope!

How is your WIP progressing? (You know how mine is going.)

When you write, do you picture characters ahead of time, or let them wonder into your mind during creation? (I don’t plan a thing, especially how a character looks like or what they’ll do.)

Without question, there has to be “telling” in a book… it can’t all be showing. How do you keep telling short and sweet—not to mention intriguing? (I really struggle with this one: not the intriguing part-I hope-but with the right amount.)

Thx for stopping by and any comment you might leave.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Been gone...

Sorry all, I’ve been out of town with very sporadic internet access.

My revisions are progressing (very slowly) but I feel at peace with my work… at least for now.

Please read this, and tell me what you think.

Set up: the battle against the magical realm has taken a turn for the worse; horrible creatures have breached the cities walls. Tristan is running home to find his mother and get her safely out of the city, an order he neglected to do earlier. (The creatures have been adequately described on previous pages.)

REMOVED... Thx for your input.