Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Been Busy

Man... I thought I could do better, but life has been very busy.

I doubt I will have a chance to post regularly anytime soon.

Hope everyone is well, and working hard on their wip. I have not been writing at all, too much time spent with coaching and working 60+ hours a week.

Once it slows down, I’ll be back…and hopefully you’ll be around.

Thx for stopping by.



Monday, June 4, 2012


I had an experience this weekend that brought hope into my writing world.

I spend days lamenting over my plot, theme and overall story cohesion… I know certain things need to happen at certain times of the story. The problem was, I couldn’t wrap my head around it—it felt to complex—my brain couldn’t handle it.

I printed my book out, and read it from cover to cover focusing on “story” to the exclusion of everything else… I then sat down with my wife and daughter, both had read my book, and worked out the problems.

To my enjoyment, the problems were minimal… the key elements were there, I just couldn’t see it, or except that it was good enough.

It still baffles me that I can be confident in everything I do; except in writing. I need to be convinced that my writing is good, that my writing is “publishable”.

I am slowly begging to believe in what I put on the page, I am starting to believe in my craft… I am starting believe in myself.

I spent months rewriting and reading how to books… every draft fraught with another “how to book” and another rewrite. Well, that is the past; I move forward firmly believing in myself and progress through the practice of writing, on my own merit and aspirations.

I hope every writer comes to believe in themselves and what they do… if you won’t, who will?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I have no excuse

I have no excuse for not posting… I guess its laziness; coupled with the fact that posting regularly has been out of my daily schedule for so long—it’s hard to get back in the rhythm.

I will put forth a more concerted effort.

I have yearned to post during the weeks and month I could not post… now that I can, I failed miserably. Well, you know what they say—there is always tomorrow.

Back onto a writing topic.

I have yet finished a rewrite, where I sit back and smile with satisfaction…satisfaction that I have completed a manuscript to the best of my ability. I complete a rewrite and must immediately begin another—why you ask? Because of the growth, on all levels, is so evident within my writing. It is very discouraging to know you are getting better, but, the end isn’t even in sight.

Do I foresee a time in the near future where my work will be good enough? Nope, but I sure dream of that day.

I will continue to write, and hopefully grow, until I die or achieve my goal to be published. My ultimate fantasy would consist of actually making a living from writing… although; I could see myself like Harper Lee, who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. Writing one book that is so successful, I don’t have to publish again---sure I would continue to write, but it would be only for me and my loved ones.

Thx for stopping by, I‘ll try and get caught up with all your blogs and keep caught up!

Monday, April 30, 2012

I am not dead!!

Hey all, long story... but I am not dead or hurt. my computer crashed and I finally have a new one---not to mention I can afford to have the internet again. There is a lot more to the story, but, for your sake ill leave it there. just know I am honored that you would visit my blog to check up on me... I hope I can get back to visiting your blogs and posting regularly.

I have come a long way , in the understanding of story structure, and I am in the middle of another rewrite... but it is moving forward and I am seeing it become something I can be proud of.

I sure missed you all, and what you have to say... thx again for being there.

 The new blogger layout is weird to get used to...