Wednesday, November 25, 2009


How many character perspectives do you normally write from? (So far just man char)

How do you separate Thoughts, with quotes or the use of italics or in some other way? (Quotes so far, with he/she though after it)
I have read not to use italics when sending your MS to agents/publishers. If you want to emphasize something it should be underlined, but does not clarify on how thoughts should be written... any advice will help thx

Have you ever had issues you hate in books, trying to force their way into your story, like love Drama, fake friends or liars, or characters that commit the same mistakes over and over again. I have these issues cropping up all the time, and since I hate to read books with those problems I try and not let it happen. But no matter what I do my characters seem to push me in this direction.

So here is the question.
Should I let the story take course in the manner it so chooses, as I have done so far, even though I hate those issues.

Or should I force my views on the story to fit my way of liking?
Any thought or past experience will help.

Thx for reading and any response you might leave…

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  1. I think the "italics vs. underline" advice is out of date. I was once told the same thing and carefully put underlining in everything, only, now that everyone uses word files, I've been told underlining is out.

    As for the story, if I have to push it the way it doesn't want to go, it stinks. I'm not saying that will happen to you, but that's what happens to me.