Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Growth and Reevaluation

I have written my book over 4 times now, every time I finish I read the beginning and see the flaws in my writing skill and use of syntax. And I am forced to rewrite it, making adjustments and improvements throughout the manuscript.
At this rate I am not sure I will ever finish my book to my satisfaction, I wanted to send my work off to an agent or publisher this year, but I feel that timeline might not be attainable or desirable. Maybe I should put those thoughts out of my head and just write the best book possible until I fell there is not any improvements that I can do.

I have to say when I started to write I felt my work was good and put together well, my hopes were high and my dreams even higher. Rewriting is hard and almost impossible not to do….

It’s like remodeling a room in your house, once you redo a room it makes your other rooms left in the house outdated and need of improvement to match your remodel… by the time you finish all the rooms in the house. The first one you started to remodel looks out dated and you start the whole thing over again……. All I can hope for is one of these times I get done and there is no room that looks out of place and I can sit in peace and enjoy what I have done…. No matter if it sells or not my accomplishment will be complete and SLEEP WILL FEEL SO GOOD!
Thx for reading..


  1. Honestly, Jeff, the fact that you keep finding stuff to revise means you are GROWING as a writer. I have revised my first novel SIGNIFICANTLY (from top to bottom) at least a dozen times. Now that I've written (rough) drafts of two others, I know what's still wrong with it. In fact, I'm going to tear the whole thing apart and make it into a sort of apocalyptic series... and the idea of it is true, but the task seems so daunting I want to avoid it.

    Your novel will be ready when you are. I know that sounds awful, but it's true. And if you get to the point where you love it, and you can't think of anything you would do to make it better, you need to send it to someone else (preferably more than one person) and get good, honest feedback. And then you'll be able to revise it some more.

    I say this, but you might be different than I. I just can't seem to write something perfectly the first time around. Not ever.

  2. i can't seem to write something perfect after 4 times, i am glad to hear it is normal. and writing something that is a good read is hard and dificult and a strugle...

    thx for the reply, your insight helps a great deal.