Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bringing home the bacon…

Bringing home the bacon to find I have no pan, I finally wrote a chapter that made me feel like I got my grove back. But once I read it I reanalyzed I didn’t have a pan to fry it up in…

I got the bacon now I need to write the pan, I think half of the chapters I have written are brilliant, the other half is basically going in the trash.

This is more a rant that anything else, and since Steph has become my only true reader, since Shakespeare has become so busy.
I know she will tell me something to make me feel better about it, like always.

I know my post have become more about my failures than my successes, but I feel growth happens more from falling down and picking yourself back up again. It does helps to hear advice from others or to hear author’s story about their struggles from writing.

I just hope once I do have the bacon and the pan I have a fire to cook it on….
Thx for reading

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chapter by chapter

man i have found that one good idea later on in the story changes every thing you have written previously. and constitutes another re-write {witch sucks}

so my question is how do you incorporate a good idea or plot twist into your story with out having to re-write 30,000 words to make it flow...

i guess i will know once i feel i don't have to change a thing, but every time i finish a rough draft and try my hand at polishing it, i find that i re-write almost the whole story and must again start the whole polishing idea over again...

right now i am starting a new book that is the first book of three. my first book i had written is now the middle of the second book and the ending of the third book. the story decided that i need to expand on the idea to get the whole concept out in proper understanding of the story i was trying to tell...

i guess what i am rambling about is how do you structure your story so this does not happen? and what steps can be taken to help make changes fit better in the writing process...

thx for your time, i hope it makes sense what i am trying to ask.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I need an idea

I need an idea on what kind of obstacle my little group of friends has to overcome before they face many creatures in the fight to the death to recover a magical item for their emperor.

Failure is not an option, in other words failure equals death… I want the obstacle to be anything other than a physical hand to hand fight, because the last obstacle is a big fight and I want them to grow a brotherhood/ trust to one another by overcome the obstacles on the way there…

I thought about an ice capped mountain, or maybe a long desert… or even both. Maybe crossing the sea on a boat they had to construct.

Give your thoughts or even your own set of obstacle that you would want to read about of find intriguing.

Thx for your time…

Thursday, August 20, 2009

this site is a must see for writers...

A. Victoria Mixon, Editor

she covers so much and is such great detail i could read it for hours and still come back for more... thx steph i found her through your advice and your link to P&E, she cover so much more than just edits. she cover every area to writing to help us craft our work to highlight our skills and limit our weak points..

just check out her Categories, i found them very informative...

maybe i am wrong but it is a must in my opinion

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I need an evil name...

I need an evil name…

Plz leave your ideas.
Character is a massive Black man, standing 7ft tall. His eyes do not have any whites to them, they are solid black. His body is cover from head to toe in aboriginal tattoos.

He has magical abilities, everything about him exudes evilness.
Barbarious Charmos: is the name I have for him and cannot look past it. It just does not seem like a main antagonist characters name to me.

What do you think?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Power of Print

Power of Print: it is easy to get frustrated by writing, and sometime I feel like I am going backwards… and thx to a few good people I have meet in other blogs, they have let my see the flaw in my plan. That focusing of getting published or making yourself fit into a goal/writing plan when your writing your first book is… in so many words “stupid” “counter productive”

I would like to thank those 3 people that let me see that writing is about fun and enjoyment, fulfilling a dream and a sense of pleasure bringing something to life from nothing…

My ideals had been skewed by my own blind ambitions, I must see that if I do finish this novel it might not ever be worth a penny, but the growth I had gained from it is PRICELESS…

Thx. Shakespeare: your little rays of sunshine allows me to see things a little clearer… and every other statement below applies to you as well.

Thx.. Stephanie B. your insight helps me feel better about the writing struggle, and feel good that learning though the struggling process is what really matters.

Thx… Carrie Sund: you might not know this, but your persistence helps me see that I need to do more. Your attitude brings me peace, and allows me to think our goals are possible if we never give up….

Thx is all I can say, I hope to repay the favor somehow….

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice, this is what I have to overcome to get better at writing. I think my work is good one week the absolute garbage the next, I think fantasy can’t coexist with drama. Yet that is where I am heading, drama, fantasy, action, horror all mixed into one….

That is not right? Or is it? That is a huge problem to overcome. Not knowing what you are writing is worthwhile or what you decided to skip is better in the story that the scenes you decided to put in…

Not to mention over all set up and closer being smooth and brilliant at the same time with a lot of plot twist and charter surprises along the way…. These are things I find the answer to and two weeks later find that the answer I thought I had needs revision. And the story I thought I wanted to tell becomes blurred and twisted from my original idea. Yet nothing I do gives me hope, that the direction I am going in is the right one.

If anyone can give some insight on how they find peace in their writing. I would love to hear it, and if some day I find the silver lining to make it all fit I will share that…

Thx for reading, and sharing if you do.