Thursday, March 24, 2011

Give this a read.

Thx for stopping by, give this a read, and tell me what you think… good or bad I want to know what you think. It is choppy, could you visualize it?

It has some violence… blood and killing, so if that stuff bothers you—you might not want to read this.

REMOVED... thx for those who left comments.

Thursday, March 17, 2011



My first draft after a few tweaks is 100% complete, (thank the light) and my daughter is in the process of editing it. She is a blessing. Her formidable knowledge of English, and use of syntax, has dramatically improved my work.

I’m looking for a few people (that don’t know me personally and can give honest feedback) to critic my book, so if you’re interested let me know, via email or comment here.

It might be six months before its ready to go out; I still need to send it to Shakespeare, after my daughter is finished.

My next story revolves around a solar system that has six inhabitable planets, with six varying races, all vying for control. Soon, an outside force—a more advanced race-- is looking to conquer their planets and invades. The remnants of the six planets converge on the human planet, to make one last stand. A young prince and his wife, must find away to bring these races together, and learn the secret of beating the force or all will be lost.

That’s the gist of it, who knows where it will lead.

Thx for stopping by, any feedback will not fall on deft ears.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

I’ve sure missed you all…


It’s been awhile, I am trying to catch up on all your blogs, thx for sticking around through my non-internet-access days.

Here is a quick question: having a love interest in a book, help you -as a reader- feel more attached to the character, or story?

Please share how you have been and how your WIP is going, anything I can do to help?

Thx for stopping by and lending me your support.