Saturday, August 15, 2009

Power of Print

Power of Print: it is easy to get frustrated by writing, and sometime I feel like I am going backwards… and thx to a few good people I have meet in other blogs, they have let my see the flaw in my plan. That focusing of getting published or making yourself fit into a goal/writing plan when your writing your first book is… in so many words “stupid” “counter productive”

I would like to thank those 3 people that let me see that writing is about fun and enjoyment, fulfilling a dream and a sense of pleasure bringing something to life from nothing…

My ideals had been skewed by my own blind ambitions, I must see that if I do finish this novel it might not ever be worth a penny, but the growth I had gained from it is PRICELESS…

Thx. Shakespeare: your little rays of sunshine allows me to see things a little clearer… and every other statement below applies to you as well.

Thx.. Stephanie B. your insight helps me feel better about the writing struggle, and feel good that learning though the struggling process is what really matters.

Thx… Carrie Sund: you might not know this, but your persistence helps me see that I need to do more. Your attitude brings me peace, and allows me to think our goals are possible if we never give up….

Thx is all I can say, I hope to repay the favor somehow….

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  1. Thanks, Jeff. Writing is something you should do if it works for you, publishing notwithstanding.