Saturday, April 9, 2016

Use strong and active descriptors

First of know I never proof read any of my post, the errors in my writing are magnified by posting via my phone...stupid autocorrect and small buttons to push.

That being said, I'll state my opinion and hope it helps someone out there.

On your first draft, just get the story on paper...then in subsequent drafts focuse on tightening the readers minds eye, or the mental image your writing should elicit from said reader to bring your story to life through their imagination.
If your story doesn't come alive in your readers mind through your ACTIVE, VIBRANT and STRONG verbs/descriptors...You lose the spell a good book should cast on your reader.

That being said...I never said over use details to pound in clarity of setting or action...I said highlight brevity by utilizing verbs that project in your readers mind.

Instead of: she hit her head... Use: she smacked her head.

He ran across the yard... Use: he flew across the yard. Or sprinted or dashed

These are simple examples; but, shows how strong words bring forth an image to the reader.

He barged in

She cringed

Take time to read one of your favorite books, focus on a fav scene and read it fast...then go back and highlight those descriptors that made that scene come to life in your head.

Don't bludgeon your reader with this method...but, it is vital to any story to start a sentence in your mind, but have it jump off the page into the readers.

Thanks for any comments or questions you might leave.