Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I need an evil name...

I need an evil name…

Plz leave your ideas.
Character is a massive Black man, standing 7ft tall. His eyes do not have any whites to them, they are solid black. His body is cover from head to toe in aboriginal tattoos.

He has magical abilities, everything about him exudes evilness.
Barbarious Charmos: is the name I have for him and cannot look past it. It just does not seem like a main antagonist characters name to me.

What do you think?


  1. I don't think villainous names should be long.

    Certain sounds in the English language sound malevolent, though, like l's, s's (like the hiss of a snake), m's and r's. The sound of ecto or ecta sounds a little disgusting.

    I think Charmos actually works, but I'd make the first name shorter. Like Liss Charmos or Hector Charmos.

    Or you could change the second name as well. If you do, I'd suggest you go with a two syllable first name and a single syllable second name. They sound more dangerous to me. Lecto Hess or Mangan Vale.

    Villain names I have:


  2. wow thx a lot, i did not think of it from that point of view...

    but makes sense. thx

  3. She brings up a good point. It matters a great deal how a name SOUNDS. In a movie, a crappy name will call too much attention to itself.