Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ups and Downs...




Man writing has so many ups and downs it drives me crazy.

I can't imagine it ever being easy. It makes you feel so wonderful at times with the rush of the story coming through... then suddenly wham... its fads, leaving you feeling lost and wondering why you even started.

So far the biggest issue is finding time to sit down and write. The main issue with writers block has faded and the story is vivid and bursting. But every time I sit down something always goes wrong.

I wish one day I can get a schedule down to allow myself the right amount of time and hopefully the peace to go with it...

Sorry didn't mean to rant, it just kind of when that direction.

On a side note: do you ever change your story for a person or persons you let read and critic your book. If so answer me this:

What if ones says to change one part but leave a different part that another person said to change and vice versa?

And would you change your story drastically based off of your reader’s comments? Or just change the little thing and have faith your story is good the way you envisioned it. Because I know not everyone you have read your book will like it, or see you eye to eye about it.

This might sound like a hard question to answer, but if you have faced this before it should be one you will know what I am talking about. whether or not you can answer it, well thats another question…

Either way thx for reading.


  1. I will make every and all changes from my readers that make the story better. Period. I never take a comment because of who made it UNLESS I agree it's better as a result. Ditto for refusing to make one.

    Sometimes a different perspective is the best thing for pointing out hidden problems. Sometimes, it just confuses the issue.

    In the end, it's your name on it. You'd better be happy with it.

  2. For your novel progess report (well done on 61.07%, by the way) how do you know it is going to be 82000 words?

    I often change something in response to a reader's concerns or suggestions, but before that I try to really understand what they mean, and if whatever they said doesn't seem a valid change I'll not bother with it. So, yes, I'll change what I've written, but not automatically.

  3. i know it will be around 82000 words because of chapter outlines, but it is not set in stone could be 90k before i am done...

    and thx for your insight.

  4. I am having a terrible time finding time to REVISE--and the Amazon.com Breakthrough novel contest starts on Monday!

    As to the rest, I tend to weigh how much readers agree. If all hate a particular character, or find a scene unbelievable, then I know it needs fixing.

    Some readers have rewritten entire scenes or sections the way they would write them--but I tend to toss them as a rule. Nothing would be sillier than for the narrative voice and vocabulary to suddenly shift midstream. I tend, too, to avoid rewording anything for other writers. My job is to figure out what the novel or play is trying to do, and give advice on where it's working and where it isn't. I often leave out HOW to fix it at all, since every author will have different (and perfectly viable) methods.

  5. Jeff I think you should have faith that your story is good unless they are having you change inconsistencies or mistakes. You should also change things such as a time line that doesn't make sense to the reader or maybe some qualities that make a main character hard for many readers to like. You can't please everyone.

  6. I let several people read what I've written and then listen to what their opinions are, then I sum it up and figure out what I need to do.

    On a side note: I do enjoy reading your blogs. They are very informative.

  7. Reader's block is one thing most writers face. It's normal. But y'know what's worst than that? It's your sudden change of views on your work. I tried writing before, just as a hobby, and when i reached the fifth chapter, i thought of maybe reading back on what i've written. And i didn't like most of it. The thought of re-writing makes me feel like not going on anymore. :(

    And about the changing your story, i think if it was me i wouldn't really make any drastic changes. Maybe i'll just add new ideas or make small tweaks to my storyline. Then i'll leave the rest to the editors. (: