Thursday, January 21, 2010


How long do you wait before you begin Revising your work?

I read Stephen Kings book "On Writing" and he suggest… no demands you waiting a bare minimum of 6 weeks. He states your story should feel odd and distant, like the work from a strange twin.

In your writing experience what works best for you?

Waiting sound hard, yet makes sense.

It is really hard to read my writing for what it is. I skip across my work without really reading it, because I already know what it says and is going to say...

Thx for reading any advice will help.


  1. I never go less than two weeks. Two months is better, longer if you can stand it.

  2. I agree with Stephanie. Months are better than weeks. I usually write a big project first, something to totally switch gears, or write weeks and weeks of poetry, before going back to a previous manuscript.

    Then again, sometimes I go weeks without writing at all. No time! No time!

  3. Thx for your input, it will help tons when i am ready for this step...

    I made a huge mistake before and tried to go back and edit before i was even done, that was a huge mistake I’ll never commit again... ever.

    I can’t thx my responders enough, thx for the time and effort you give here. It helps more then you know...

    Thx again all, also this goes to the ones that have not commented yet, I know you will and this applies to you as well.

  4. Thanks for the comment on the blog Jeff, It is nice to know someone is reading other than my mother. As for editing, I usually wait at least a month and usually a lot longer. Somethings I never go back to. I can't really give a reason as to why, it probably pertains to a certain amount of self-loathing in my writing. I have begun to just give first drafts to someone else to read it over and give me feedback about a month after I finish it. The nice comments usually motivate me to start editing.

  5. "How long do you wait before you begin Revising your work?"

    Hahaha... I guess that takes forever.

  6. Honestly, one of the reasons I rarely write is because I never feel comfortable leaving something. My writing is in a constant state of revision, each sentence a perpetual challenge to improve.

    This is something I've always had a problem with, especially when time is of the essence (such as during the NaNoWriMo event). I think it might be due to a fairly solid background in editing, but I'm certain it's a prominent source of frustration.