Friday, December 3, 2010

What to post?


I have been pondering what drives me to choose a book when I am looking through my local book store. I have condensed my findings to three key points…

Now disregarding the books from authors I like or the books other people have suggested I read, I have chosen these three points.

1: I pick books by the cover… if I hate the cover I won't even read the blurb.

2: If the cover strikes me and I love the story idea… hence love the blurb, I will then move onto three.

3: Open the book in the middle and read several pages; if the author can make me like his writing in the middle of the book then I know it is for me…

Now what makes you buy a new book from an author unknown to you?

Thx for any comment you might leave and thx for stopping by.


  1. It's very hard to find a new author I like. I'm almost entirely dependent on recommendations from friends who's taste I trust.

    I haven't picked up a book at random and loved it in probably ten years. Fortunately, many of my favorite authors are prolific, so I still have plenty to read, even if I've read it before.

  2. I will buy a book based on buzz in the writing community if it's my kind of book. Then I'll check it out and buy it if the inside or back cover blurb is interesting to me.

  3. Other than recommendations and author love, I'm the same way. I pick a book based on it's cover and it's title. Then I look at it's jacketflap. Then I either buy or put it back on the shelf.....

    Getting the right illustrator for your cover is soooo important with a ya or an mg!

  4. I just found your blog from Elana Johnson! Nice to see/meet you.

    How I choose books. Mostly it's from referrals. But...I'm also a cover buyer. The title sometimes works. And the blurb on the back or on the jacket. I don't read anything, since I don't want to spoil any surprises!