Monday, November 15, 2010

Sorry been out of the loop.


The more I see my story come together, I believe my book fits between alternate history and medieval fantasy.

Should I take great effort to make my book fit into one genre, or let it be what it is?

When you write do you even consider what genre your work is geared towards, or do you let the story fit whatever genre it might fall into after completion?

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On a side not I haven’t had internet accesses lately and apologize for not being around, hopefully I have caught up on all your blogs.


  1. I don't know what genre my book is. I mean, I know it's fantasy and all but it borders on other things as well so I'm not quite sure.

  2. Write the story. Let them wrangle.

    Nothing I write ever fits "neatly" even if it fits into a category. I just don't *think* like other people.

  3. I'm like Stephanie, I don't think like other people. I think it's best to write what you like and not worry where it fits but I can imagine that there might be publishers out there who are strict on where and what audience a story should go to. SIGH! :( Hope you don't find any problems having your stories published. :)

  4. I agree, just write it. Lots of writers actually do combine genres. My current novel is what I'm calling a Sci/Fi Thriller. So I say write what you love and then do some research when you're done to see where it falls.

    By the way. I think you'll be the winner on my worst of 2 evils contest... :)

  5. Don't forget to have fun with it. I would say less worry about what it is/should be and more about do you enjoy writing it. Well, don't worry about enjoying it, just enjoy it. :)

  6. They'd be shelved the the fantasy/sci-fi section. Just write it organically, the way you feel the story needs to be told. When it's polished and ready to query, choose the sub-genre you think it fits the most, put that on the query letter.

  7. Just make it what it SHOULD be. The genre will sort itself out.

    I'm just glad you're okay. And thanks for letting me know about your internet. I've been overwhelmed by other elements, but hopefully I'll have much time to make up the deficits.

  8. I agree with everyone...Write your story and let the genre just be what it is. I think it will feel wrong if you try and force it into a specific group.

    Glad everything is okay. :)