Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thx everyone...

First of all thx to everyone who leaves comments, it helps so much.

A few things I wanted to ask you very savvy people was this: How long have you worked at being a writer? (I just started to write on 1-19-09, first attempt at writing anything. 58k words of my rough draft since then, with too many rewrites and new beginnings to mention.)

How many manuscripts have you written before you felt what you have written was actually good? (I think my WIP, is pretty damn good, maybe 3 more rewrites and with the help of a damn good editor Shakespeare; I might actually have something)

Once you hit the big time, (millions of copies sold) will you ever take time to help out unpublished authors, like giving; advice, blubs, readings, tips on writing … and anything else you wish you had someone to ask that has been there?
(Absolutely I will I might even offer free school/classes for authors who show promise... and for the right ones I will help through the whole publishing process.)

Thx for reading and any comment you might leave… Of course my answers are in ( ) thx.


  1. I started writing poetry when I was 14. I probably wrote before that but I'd just write it and throw it away. That was when I started keeping it. In college, I moved on to short stories. I've been working on novels for maybe 20 years. (Yes, we're talking nearly three decades - did you mean to depress me?)

    Can't say. I'm sure I thought they were all good at one point. I have poems and short stories written decades ago that I still think are good. Others, they stink. Some aren't salvageable. The novel I'm trying to market, which was rewritten several times, is really my second, but I like it.

    I don't expect to be "big time" - I'll be happy to be able to write full-time.

  2. I started writing plays at the age of six, and they were all terrible until pretty recently. Seeing several Shakespearean plays right before ninth grade pushed me more deeply into writing, and I've been at it ever since, in one genre or another.

    I think pretty much everything I've written up to this point probably sucks. At least, when I get published and actually have made a name for myself, I'll look back on it and realize it did. I find inspiration in it, though, and it is also the best therapy I can possibly get (and cheap, too!)... it has been invaluable for that very reason.

    I will likely never be big time, but I've been a mentor to others in writing for years, even before I became an official college teacher nearly 17 years ago. I find all writing (except grant writing) taps into one's creative mind, and I try hard to help writers be the best writers they can be... and I will likely do that until I die, famous or not. If I ever do get famous, though, my phone number will be unlisted... just to keep out the crazies. I'd love to write full time, but only if I also get a time turner and can keep on teaching.

  3. I've been working diligently for almost 3 years. I wrote previous to that but not like I do now.

    I thought every book I wrote was 'the one' ha, not so. I wrote a post on that sad topic. I'm finishing up my 3rd manuscript and have a 4th WIP I'll go back to after I start querying this 3rd one.

    If I get an agent, I'll be ecstatic. If I sell a manuscript, I'll be over the moon! That's as far as I dare to dream right now. I do try to help other writers so I know that would be something I'd always do whether I get published or not. :)

  4. My fifth manuscript has been "the one". And let me just say, if it had been any of the earlier four, I would have given up once I got to the agented stage. Because you have to know how to rewrite, revise and take criticism! And if you aren't good at those things, you'll crash and burn.

    IF I ever get big, I would LOVE to help others. I already try to, but having a name behind the help? That would rock.