Monday, April 4, 2011


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What spurs you onward—as a writer—to keep going despite the odds of ever making it? (Besides the common answer—I’m a writer I have to write—I think I’ll go deeper. I write to inspire my kids, and impress my wife, if I can write a book she loves then it’s all worth it.)

If you could give up would you? (I have thought about it, and even tried, but I found out I can’t. and 2 years later, I now know I’ll never quite regardless of the outcome.)

How do you separate yourself from your work? (Still working on this one, so far, I can’t.)

Do you let the weather, stress, family tension or any other outside force affect your writing? (Yes, I do, I often use it to fuel my work… let’s just hope it even out in the end.)

If you could change one negative thing about your writing what would it be? (My use of the English language, more specifically my use of syntax, I struggle to make sentences fit, and flow the way they should in a novel… the way they should flow so the words fad and my world jumps off the page.)

I probably wouldn't be writing if computers and word processors didn’t exist… they are a necessity for me.

Thx for all the wonderful advice, and encouragement… any comment you might leave will not go unread or un-responded to.



  1. Jeff, don't they say a real writer can't stop writing? That's you! And me. I struggle with sentence flow also. Published authors make it look easy, but we know it isn't!

  2. I don't know what I would do if I quit writing...I guess I would draw or paint.

  3. Hi stranger!

    Good to hear from you...hope you're doing well! I loved these answers and mine are VERY similar. Even if no one ever reads what I write, I'm sure at this point, I could never quit. It's a part of me. Keep on keeping on! ;P