Sunday, July 25, 2010


Finally I have found my muse…

I took many hours composing horrible if not putrid prose, but I think I have overcome this for now.

I forgot how wonderful it is to write when the words flow and the story jumps from your mind in waves of splendor. Where you are a mere conduit for two mediums to transfer data, ending in a wondrous moment in time, where you start to believe in prophesy.

I hope this problem is gone for good, thou I doubt it. One thing I have learned is writing opens up our deepest fears, and tears at our soul. I begin to wonder at what point I will accept my writing for what it is and set my mind free to explore writing at its core, without fear, self-doubt, apprehension or any negative side effects.

If that day ever comes true… I don’t know if I could handle it.

Thx for all your support. I hope you never experience anything closely resembling this in your life.

All aboard for the emotional roller coaster that is writing…


  1. Probably the reason I read your blog is that I have experienced it. I'm in a rut right now, and I can't seem to make myself sit down and write. What am I afraid of? No idea...

    I hope I get over this soon...

  2. I love when it comes back. We've all been both places, and the horrors of losing our way don't hold a candle to the thrill of finding it again.

    Glad you have.

  3. Writing is my greatest love and at times my greatest pain.

    I'm glad your muse is back :)

  4. I'm glad you got your mojo back. :) It stinks when you are stuck...

    (The hailstorm, cat dying, flood #1 and flood #2 have messed up my mojo...)