Sunday, March 14, 2010


What makes reading your first choice of entertainment?

Why do you choose to coz up with a book though hundreds of pages?

Why do you love to read?

What makes a book so remember able you read it over and over, and buy it for friends and family?

One last question: what is the worst thing (i.e. grammar, flow, it’s boring, or weak characters ext… ext...) in a book that you let go and kept reading to the end?

Just trying to get some outside points of view… thx for any response you might leave.


  1. For me, I need something unusual to keep me going, some thread of "what is going to happen to these people I care about?" that makes me want to see what happens.

    What makes me read it more than once is having specific scenes that emotionally resonate with me. I find myself wanting to reread those scenes, or dialogue exchanges, because they both fascinate and engage me.

    If you want to turn me off from a book, make its characters stupid or unlikeable. And make nothing happen. I hate going through 100 pages and have absolutely nothing go on. Boring.

  2. I read books because I'm caught up in characters. I hear them, know them, feel them. Books give me enough to love the characters but leave enough leeway to let my not inconsiderable imagination fill in the blanks.

    I reread (and I do) because I get lost in the world with characters I love to spend time with. If I give a friend or family member a book, it's because the characters touched me and I want to share it.

    Screwing up a character or making one do something I consider truly unforgivable (or accept unforgivable treatment) can ruin a book for me.

  3. I love that books can take us out of our everyday lives. For me it's an escape from the norm and that's why I love to read.

    I recently read a book that seemed a little slow-paced for my taste but I kept going because the main character and setting were really great.