Monday, March 29, 2010


What would make you the happiest in life?

Mine would include: never have to worry about money ever again, second would be: to have a chief cook all my meals, third would be: to make a GOOD living at writing.


  1. Hmmm...

    More time. Yup. More time. I want more time to write, to exercise, to sew, to paint, to play piano. I want time enough to get really good at all those things.

    I'd say more, but I don't have the time! (Yes, that's my lame joke--but if I had more time to develop my skills as a comedian, my humor would stink just as much!)

    I certainly understand the wish not to worry about money. My husband does the worrying for the both of us. I just try not to spend any money.

  2. I noticed the book is coming along... it was stuck for a while, at least according to your progress report. Glad it's moving along now. You remind me to get working on my play and finish it up!

  3. Feeling less responsible. Right now, I feel like a single point failure, with my whole family depending on me. I'd like to shift some responsibility elsewhere and feel more relaxed.

    And I'd like a share of Shakespeare's time.

  4. I am going great on the WIP... but next post will ask a question that has realy bugged me. but that question will come later.
    thx for posting.

  5. Happiness for me . . . writing full time, spending time with my family - including being able to visit my extended family in the Boston area any time I want, affording a great travel experience every year.