Thursday, March 25, 2010

polishing your manuscript?

Second to last edit… what or how do you do it? What is you routine? What order do you edit in?

In so many words; I am trying to decide the best way to edit my rewrite. I am just trying to get advice from others on what has worked for you, such as editing for scenes first, and then breathe life into stale dialog, then poorly written description and so on.

What would be your best advice on polishing your hopefully finished manuscript?

Thx for reading and any response you might leave.

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  1. Read it out loud.

    Seriously. I even do it for drafts.

    If I have an audience, I read through and make notes on what I need to fix, then go through myself fixing them in order (because, you might go back). If I'm reading it to myself, I fix as I go.

  2. Somewhere between the first edit and the last, I stop to do an evaluation of the manuscript without editing. I make a list of all the points I want to watch for, such as plot (where it doesn't work); dialogue (weak); characters (true to their bio sketches); voice (inconsistencies); setting (inconsistencies); point of view (inconsistencies), etc.

    As I read through the manuscript, I mark on my list the page numbers of the points of weakness for each category. I also mark by the paragraph or passage in the manuscript the name of the category that needs addressing.

    I find this evaluation even more helpful than an edit as it gives me an opportunity to read straight through the manuscript without getting tied up in the revision process. My mind stays focused on the story and the inconsistencies and weak areas pop out at me.

    Hope this is helpful to you...

  3. I use this approach:

    And I love the AutoCrit Editing Wizard. It really helps me polish my manuscript.

    Good luck!