Monday, April 19, 2010




Have you read a great book… well a book that you thought was great until the Climax?

Would you read another book that particular author wrote, if the climax of the previous book sucked?

On the opposite end of the spectrum:

Have you read a slow almost boring book and the climax blew you away?

One last question: what makes a good climax (in a book) for you?

My story is moving well, I am not sure where to end it now. Its funny my whole experience of writing up to this point, was how was I going to get to 75k words… and now, it’s all about how I am going to stop shot of 90k. It blows me away how fast it builds up after 60k word count.

So if anyone out there is worried how they well ever get to 70+ thousand words… trust me don’t worry about it, just write and it will come. Don’t give up or feel overwhelmed, just sit down and push forward.

Kind of shows how ignorant I am and was.

Thx for reading or any comment you might leave.


  1. For me, a climax should be exciting, juicy, not too easy for our protagonists to handle, satisfying. Too easy or tragic, and I'm unlikely to walk away happy.

    However, when the climax happens is just as important. John Grisham drives me crazy with ho-hum climaxes that happen halfway through a huge book. That's too long to come down, even for a superlative climax. Nora Roberts tends to have the climax in the last ten pages. I love her writing but I like a little more time than that to unwind.

    Don't know if that helps. I hope so.

  2. Yes it does... I was wondering how much resolution is sufficient. and i also think climax should be towards the end for sure...

  3. I've never really thought about this until you mentioned it. Some books I've read - good books, too - don't even have a climax, they just tell a story. That's cool too. I think you are mostly referring to mystery books that have something that must be resolved. But, in my humble opinion, I just think the story should be told and let the climax "happen" without forcing it. (Caution: I don't know anything about fiction writing. Beware!)