Saturday, April 3, 2010

Authors Guide


Ok I am going to share all the info I have gathered on the web about writing… I hope it helps at least one person, if so that’s all I can ask for.

Thx for reading hope it helps.

First off, are links about formatting your novel and query letter and some examples of query letters… hope it helps.

Her site blog rocks… much more than formatting, tons and tons of information here..

go here for full list of what her site offers... you won't regret it.

Next: How to Format an Unpublished Novel in Word 2007

Next: a great site on formatting and everything else you would like to know…

Ok----enough on formatting next is query letters.

This is a good site… read all her post on query letters, it will help a ton.

Next: my favorite agent blog… and my first choice of an agent if I ever get so lucky. Her site offers sample queries, and more about "everything" than I can list…

All post on queries:

Query help…

Good info specifically on queries…

Ok next would be good editors:

Great editor… this is her personal blog, not sure if she is looking for books to edit. But she is too good not to mention...

I love this editor… she specializes in Developmental Editing and Query Letter Critiques…

Pro editor… her site is full of wonderful advice for writers, its practically endless supply of information.

Hope it helps someone… thx for reading and any response you might leave.


  1. Dude, thanks for the mention! And all of the other helpful links... I'll definitely be visiting them.

  2. Thanks for the links. It never hurts to know more writing sites.

  3. These are good links to good information. Thank you, Jeff!

  4. Thank you for the recommendation, Jeff! I wish you all the best with your novel.