Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I have no excuse

I have no excuse for not posting… I guess its laziness; coupled with the fact that posting regularly has been out of my daily schedule for so long—it’s hard to get back in the rhythm.

I will put forth a more concerted effort.

I have yearned to post during the weeks and month I could not post… now that I can, I failed miserably. Well, you know what they say—there is always tomorrow.

Back onto a writing topic.

I have yet finished a rewrite, where I sit back and smile with satisfaction…satisfaction that I have completed a manuscript to the best of my ability. I complete a rewrite and must immediately begin another—why you ask? Because of the growth, on all levels, is so evident within my writing. It is very discouraging to know you are getting better, but, the end isn’t even in sight.

Do I foresee a time in the near future where my work will be good enough? Nope, but I sure dream of that day.

I will continue to write, and hopefully grow, until I die or achieve my goal to be published. My ultimate fantasy would consist of actually making a living from writing… although; I could see myself like Harper Lee, who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. Writing one book that is so successful, I don’t have to publish again---sure I would continue to write, but it would be only for me and my loved ones.

Thx for stopping by, I‘ll try and get caught up with all your blogs and keep caught up!


  1. There are definitely times when you think the editing will never end. You'll find mistakes, big or small, in every draft. Sometimes you have to say 'good enough,' and plunge into querying.

  2. Life happens! The good thing about the end not being in sight is that the end exist. You definitely have the potential to be the greatest, and while you may not see the end now it might only be because of how perfect you want things.

    If that didn't come out right, then: don't worry, editing ends, and most authors say that they're never completely happy with it. So, I'm sure the end of your editing is at least in sight!


  3. Don't sweat it, Jeff. It happens to the best of us. :)

  4. You don't need an excuse. It was a struggle for me to blog the first few months of this year. People understand. We all have lives! Well I'm just glad to hear you're still writing! Good luck with it and let me know if I can be of any assistance!

  5. Blogging isn't your priority. Writing is. lol

    And yes, you go from one edit to the next, especially while we're learning as we go. Kind of reminds me of Barbra Streisand and the report of when she did the song "People". She's reported to have kept saying it wasn't right and making them do it again. Like fourteen times. They couldn't tell the difference from one take to the next--until they compared the first to the fourteenth. And that's when they saw it.

  6. Gah! I HATE that!! My writing is the same way... the difference between my writing when I STARTED the rewrite and when I ENDED is so drastically different, you can actually SEE it in the quality of writing!

    Good luck... I totally feel ya! ( :

  7. Don't worry about an excuse. I've been checking my blog roll once a week or so, but I haven't posted since April, I think. So what?

    I'd say I'm writing, but I only am sort of. Someone's paying me to ghost write, which is not the same thing. And not nearly so rewarding, even if it makes me a little money.

    I guess I need to hurry up with the ghost writing so that I can work on my own REAL writing... I certainly can't wait, but, like you, I can't see the end of the tunnel yet. Thankfully, my final deadline for it is at the end of June, so one way or another I'll be done by the time I vacation in July.

    Good luck, dude. And don't give up.

  8. Jeff...Have faith in yourself and all you are learning about writing. It takes time to get to the point you want to be. You shouldn't compare yourself to others, it will have a negative effect on you. Everyone does the best they can and is trying to work on their craft. (Even the master writers work on their skills.)

    Blogging should be secondary to your writing. :)

  9. You have a fabulous blog! I’m an author and illustrator and I made some awards to give fellow bloggers whose sites I enjoy. I want to award you the Brilliant Writer Blog Award. There are no pass along requirements. This is just to reward you for all the hard work you do!

    Go to and pick up your award.

  10. If you keep writing, then you've succeeded. My biggest regret in life was that I stopped writing for ten years. Stupidest thing I ever did.

  11. Post when you can but don't feel bad if you can't. Life, family and friends should always come first.
    Best of luck in your writing. I know it's hard, I do. We can only try as hard as we can.

  12. Hi Jeff! It's good to see you again. Where have you been hiding? :P

    No worries about posting. It's your blog and you can post whenever you want to. About your rewrites, have you shown them to anyone you trust? Reason I say this is because there could be a thing as overwriting. You never know, maybe your story is fine now. Another pair of eyes might help you, if you like. Good luck! :D

  13. I just wanted to wish you good luck and to let you know that it is amazing you are striving for success =) I hope that you reach your goals sooner than you can imagine possible.

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