Friday, May 27, 2011

can’t post using Goggle account

EDIT!!! If you are having a problem posting with your Google account, where you get stuck in the loop of death, where it asks you repeatedly to sign in—over and over again. Just uncheck the "keep me signed in" box. And that will fix the issue... at least for now!

I can’t post using Goggle account, so if some of you don’t allow for anonymous post, I won’t be able to post on your blog until Goggle figures this out… they “say” their working on it, though it’s been a week already.

I just wanted you to know, so you don’t think I have stoped visiting your blogs… thx for stopping by.

Oh-yeah, I have moved past my mental block, and I am moving forward… things are looking up. Thx to everyone who has left a comments on my blog. You and your advice have helped me a great deal… I wouldn't be where I am at without you!!!

If the good writing continues, I should be done with my second draft this weekend (thx the heavens) I’ll be starting the third revision sometime next week, this time I’ll focus on brevity, flow and (hopefully) minor issues.

... thx again ...


  1. Hope they fix your issues. Good luck pushing through the next round of edits!

  2. One suggestion. Give yourself some time between revisions.

    One thing that you really need to do an effective revision is perspective. If you've just gone through it, you might find it in short supply.

    Take a couple of weeks. Let the story sift and shift in your mind, simmer in the subconscious and come back with fresher eyes. You'll be surprised at how much you discover that way (and how much more pleasant it is).

  3. I just heard from someone else about blogger issues.

    I'm so happy you got past the rough patch. I knew you would!

  4. I'm with Stephanie. At least a week, if at all possible. Read (or reread) some good books for a few days--a series, something you've been wanting to tackle. Rip it to shreds first.

    THEN go back to your novel.

    BTW, I sure hope to see your draft soon! I'm finishing up my novel right now (over the next few days), so if you want to glance at it as a way of switching gears, let me know.

  5. I'm having TERRIBLE blogger problems lately too. Buggy Blogger.

    Sometimes to have a writing breakthrough we need to back away from it for a bit. Read, do other writing exercises, workout/take a walk or a drive.

    Happy weekend,

  6. I've heard of the blogger problems, but so far I can still leave comments. Did I just jinx myself?

    I'm so glad to hear you've moving along on your revisions. Good luck to you, and enjoy your weekend.

  7. Good luck with the edit. We're here to help and inspire you to write your masterpiece. Keep on keepin' on.

  8. So exciting! I wish you the very best! Imagine your story into a book. AWESOME!! :D

    Yeah, Blogger had its problems. I wasn't able to post either on one of my friends' blog. I hope I can here. **fingers crossed.

    How was your holiday weekend? :)

  9. Oh, can I add your blog link to my blogs? Only if you want. I respect your decision. :D

  10. Congratulations on completing your second draft. What a relief that must be.

    Writer's block stinks. I discovered it usually hits when I'm not sure where to go next. I wrote an outline before taking on the second draft of my W.I.P and for the most part, have stuck to it.

    Best of luck with the third revision. Like others here have said, you may consider letting the second draft marinade in a drawer for a week or two before getting into editing mode. A fresh set of eyes makes a world of difference. If you need a beta reader let me know. I'm always looking for crit partners.

  11. Congratulations on completing your second draft. Always remember: You're the best!

  12. Yeah, I'll second (or third or fourth) what's been said about leaving some time in between revisions. It really does help. I ignored that advice between finishing the first draft and starting the second, and though I had momentum and energy for the first week or so, after that I discovered I was totally drained!

    Anyway, congrats on finishing your second draft and good luck on the third!

  13. If you're going to have some downtime, maybe you could ask a trusted friend to read over what you have. Some of the best advice I ever got was from a friend who read my ms before the final edit, and was straight honest with me about what he thought was good and bad about it. He even pointed out a major time line flaw that I didn't see. My "beta readers" have been a saving grace.

  14. I've left over 100 comments on your blog in the past 4 days. I don't imagine this one will get through, either.

  15. Congratulations on finishing your second draft. I think you should take a break between it and starting your next set of revisions...let it perculate in the back of your mind...At least that's what I hear is a good plan. :)

    I had blogger issues too for a few weeks until I unchecked that box. I also changed my commetn box to a pop up box and that seemed to help.

  16. That's a great tip, Jeff! Thank you. And congrats on making so much progress!

  17. I have this loop thing happen in Internet explorer, but not Firefox and it drives me nuts. I'll try what you suggest and see if the looping stops. Thanks!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse