Saturday, February 3, 2018

Another super bowl prediction!!!

I believe Pat's will be too much for Eagles, (sadly) too bad Foles is QB, I believe he will be reason they lose. Pat's def is just good enough to let their offence pull it out.

Eagles are prob better team if 100% healthy... Too bad we have to witness Pat's win another one. I hope I am wrong, but I doubt it.

Pat's 28, Eagles 24

Yes, I am that good👍

Friday, August 4, 2017


Damn, I always said "life would never get in my way of writing" well... It has.

I definitely need to make some changes and get back to finishing my book. I took a break to let time separate my thoughts allowing clarity to my edits.

But, that break turned into no writing at all and snowballed into not even thinking of writing or progressing my craft.

Long story short... Time to get back at it!

Don't ever stop writing or growing... Learn from my mistake.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Another super bowl prediction....

Even though Brady and the pats have experience and great coaching... I still predict Falcons 28 and Pats 24... Matt Ryan has average game but Gabriel and Freeman do enough to put Falcons on top.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Use strong and active descriptors

First of know I never proof read any of my post, the errors in my writing are magnified by posting via my phone...stupid autocorrect and small buttons to push.

That being said, I'll state my opinion and hope it helps someone out there.

On your first draft, just get the story on paper...then in subsequent drafts focuse on tightening the readers minds eye, or the mental image your writing should elicit from said reader to bring your story to life through their imagination.
If your story doesn't come alive in your readers mind through your ACTIVE, VIBRANT and STRONG verbs/descriptors...You lose the spell a good book should cast on your reader.

That being said...I never said over use details to pound in clarity of setting or action...I said highlight brevity by utilizing verbs that project in your readers mind.

Instead of: she hit her head... Use: she smacked her head.

He ran across the yard... Use: he flew across the yard. Or sprinted or dashed

These are simple examples; but, shows how strong words bring forth an image to the reader.

He barged in

She cringed

Take time to read one of your favorite books, focus on a fav scene and read it fast...then go back and highlight those descriptors that made that scene come to life in your head.

Don't bludgeon your reader with this method...but, it is vital to any story to start a sentence in your mind, but have it jump off the page into the readers.

Thanks for any comments or questions you might leave.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

If only....

If only I could finish a draft I loved....

It truly sucks to know my story needs more than I am capable to give at this point in time. (Growth is needed)

Skipping the learning curve of proper punctuation, which I have to meticulously edit, since my youth was frought with lack of caring or trying to use it...learn it...or even consider it useful at all.

My problem is the small details of world building and giving each scene proper character motivation. Not to mention the feel of life ie...politics, economy, social biases or stigmas.

Might seem trivial to some, yet I can't master it, nor can I move on til it's done on I march to another rewrite.

Now I can post on my phone, so let's hope I keep up with it.

Eventually, I'll write post on lessons I have learned through years of writing... I can only pray it helps at least one person that reads it. I will never forget those passages I have read that turned on the lightbulb in my brain and finally made a certain writting lesson make sense, because the author's voice/style clicked to me... Maybe I can do that for someone else.

Thx for stopping by...any comments left will be very appreciated.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Broncos win Superbowl... My prediction

I need to start posting more, sorry for not... But, I am alive and things are looking up.

I think Denver beats Carolina... Carma and fate make Manning go out a winner, since his arm is shot---this is def his last year.


What's your prediction?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hit A Wall....

Some might call it "writers block", but I call it finding out my writing deficiencies and trying to overcome them. My biggest mistake was taking a hiatus from my blog!!

Issues I am trying to overcome: World building, learning to craft a flowing story line that lives up to publishing standards… or at least my idea of what publishing standards are.

And, not to mention, the dreaded synopsis and query letter…

It’s been almost a year since I completed a draft of my book I “thought” was ready. But, during my process of writing a query and book proposal I discovered how wrong I was.

So a long story short I feel I am getting close to my end goal and plan to be around more--- thx for reading and my next post will be on lessons I have learned during this journey.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I open my eyes and there is life....


This will be a quick post. I would like to thank you all for keeping up with me and my blog. A serious incident happened recently in my life that made me see I need to do the things I have put off---because we are not guaranteed a tomorrow. Soon I’ll have my new writing room and will be back full time, even though getting the new writing room gives me a heavy heart.

My daughter is off to collage today; we are moving her out of my house and into her new one….this is harder to deal with than I thought. I will miss her so much she brings me joy beyond comparison.

I will not put off writing again…I realize now nothing will ever get done if I don’t work on it today---because if we always put it off for tomorrow you set the precedence for the next day and you never do what you planned.

Laziness is the kiss-of-death for a writer…

Thx again for being here and supporting me, your time and comments are appreciated!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Been Busy

Man... I thought I could do better, but life has been very busy.

I doubt I will have a chance to post regularly anytime soon.

Hope everyone is well, and working hard on their wip. I have not been writing at all, too much time spent with coaching and working 60+ hours a week.

Once it slows down, I’ll be back…and hopefully you’ll be around.

Thx for stopping by.



Monday, June 4, 2012


I had an experience this weekend that brought hope into my writing world.

I spend days lamenting over my plot, theme and overall story cohesion… I know certain things need to happen at certain times of the story. The problem was, I couldn’t wrap my head around it—it felt to complex—my brain couldn’t handle it.

I printed my book out, and read it from cover to cover focusing on “story” to the exclusion of everything else… I then sat down with my wife and daughter, both had read my book, and worked out the problems.

To my enjoyment, the problems were minimal… the key elements were there, I just couldn’t see it, or except that it was good enough.

It still baffles me that I can be confident in everything I do; except in writing. I need to be convinced that my writing is good, that my writing is “publishable”.

I am slowly begging to believe in what I put on the page, I am starting to believe in my craft… I am starting believe in myself.

I spent months rewriting and reading how to books… every draft fraught with another “how to book” and another rewrite. Well, that is the past; I move forward firmly believing in myself and progress through the practice of writing, on my own merit and aspirations.

I hope every writer comes to believe in themselves and what they do… if you won’t, who will?