Thursday, December 1, 2011



I hope to back full time… life has been rough for a little while, let’s hope it gets better.

I never really understood how much I enjoyed visiting all your blogs, until I couldn’t, it might take me a few days to get caught back-up with all your blogs…so bare with me.

I have been over my book several times, mostly in my head, trying to weed out weak plot points—and build stronger side plots. And most of all, I am trying to build solid: believable characters in a tangible setting.

I once had a deadline, or writing goal, but not anymore. I just cherish each day I get to work on what I love. It will get done when it gets done… that I can live with.

I sure hope all your lives and books are coming along splendidly… I sure miss you all. It’s weird, I feel like I made friends—friends you miss when they’re not around— without ever meeting any of you.

With any luck I’ll be here tomorrow.

Thx for any comment you might leave.



  1. I hope your life is also on track. Glad to see you back.

  2. Yay! Welcome back!

    Great attitude about writing :)

  3. We missed you, Jeff! Welcome back. :)

  4. Wahoo, welcome back. I missed you! I haven't been posting all that regularly either. :(

  5. Welcome back! Glad things are looking up for you too. I don't work toward deadlines either: it gets done when I'm done telling my story. I think that it helps the creative process, knowing you're not being pressed.

  6. So great that you're back! If you ever need an extra set of eyes for your work, I'm always available for critiquing and beta reading!

  7. Oh my gosh, now I'm so worried about you! I hope everything is okay. I sure am glad your back. I've definitely missed your face and comments. And Lisa Regan (that gorgeous gal right above me)is a great critiquer, so you should take her up on her offer.

    Welcome back, Jeff!

  8. So glad to see you posted! I've been stressing about you. I intended this morning to e-mail you just to make sure everything was okay.

    I've had plenty of internet access, but between NaNo and other obligations, I've posted only rarely. Hopefully I can get back into writing on the blog regularly.

    So glad to see you!

  9. I had no idea you were back. Welcome! I hope your writing is going well. :)

  10. Well, hang in there Jeff. Sometimes our priorities shift, and we just have to go with the flow. I hope things settle down for you soon.

  11. Yay! Missed your posts and glad to have back!

  12. I'm sorry to hear that life's been rough! I hope everything works out. Maybe not as you planned, but works out all the same. I love your attitude of just cherishing the time you get to work on what you love!

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  14. Just checking in...hope all is well with you Jeff!


  15. Checking up on you and see how you are doing. You're right, it's great not to have a deadline. Like you said, it gets done when it gets done. What's important is that you have fun writing it. ;)

  16. Hey, Jeff....Just wondering where you are and how you are???

    Hope everything is okay.

  17. I haven't been by to check on you in a while and just got this inspiration today. It seems something interrupted your life. I hope all is well now. Take care.


  18. Jeff,

    Dude, I'm worried about you. Please let us know you are okay...and if not, how we can help.

    Miss you,

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